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Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 1 June

by The Participator – 2 Jun 2019

Our weekly roundup of news and opinion articles that we thought were important, mostly UK news but foreign news stories of interest to us as well.


Of course the big news is that the Brexit Party won 29 seats, the Liberal Democrats 16, Labour 10, and the Conservative Party only won 4 seats (behind even the Greens with 7). UKIP and the CUK party won no seats.

From politico.eu:

EU election results country by country

From the Express:

European elections FULL RESULTS: Populists SURGE across Europe in challenge to Brussels

European elections: Italy STUNNED as Salvini wins majority and says a ‘NEW Europe is born’

From order-order:

Europhile Supergroups Lose European Parliament Majority for First Time Ever

From the Express:

BREXIT BACKLASH: Andrew Neil hits out at ‘DODGY’ BBC poll showing REMAIN victory

The claim was made by the BBC that “Remain parties” had got the biggest share of the vote altogether, a claim that ignored the fact that sizable numbers of both Labour and Conservative parties also voted to Leave in the referendum. The article in question from the BBC:

European Election 2019: UK results in maps and charts


The newly formed Brexit Party now have their first opportunity to win a seat at the Peterborough by-election next Thursday (6th June). From Breitbart:

Brexit Party Odds-on to Win Westminster Seat at Peterborough By-Election, Tories ‘out of the Race’


Breitbart reminded us of Boris’s 2015 comments about Donald Trump during the Republican nomination:

Flashback: Boris Branded Trump ‘Out of His Mind’, ‘Unfit to Hold the Office of President’

Boris branded Donald Trump “clearly out of his mind” for proposing to temporarily stop Islamic immigration.

Dominic Raab drew our attention to anti-semitism in the Labour Party. From order-order:

Raab Releases Moving Video on Labour’s Anti-Semitism Shame

Of course the real point here is that a vote for the Brexit Party might split the right wing vote and allow Mr. Corbyn in to no.10. That’s assuming the Conservative Party don’t just get annihilated as they were in the European elections though …

Some hints about what policy directions Raab supporters can expect:

Raab: Foreign Aid Yes, HS2 & Huawei Maybe

He says he will not be asking for another extension however (when have we heard that one before?).

James Cleverly entered the race. From the Express:

Tory BOMBSHELL: Brexiteer James Cleverly becomes ELEVENTH candidate in PM leadership bid

Sajid Javid also:

Brexit BOMBSHELL: Remainer Sajid Javid to take UK out of Europe with NO deal in PM bid

Michael Gove nailed his anti-Brexit colours to the mast. From the Telegraph:

Michael Gove tells Cabinet ministers he is prepared to delay Brexit until late 2020

We already knew what Jeremy Hunt thought about Brexit. From order-order:

Hunt Won’t Commit to October 31 Brexit Deadline

In spite of this (or perhaps because of it), according to order-order Gove has the most backers (at least for the moment, the situation has been fluctuating):

Who’s Backing Who: Ministers Start to Declare

Rory Stewart promises to fight climate change apparently. From Sky News:

Rory Stewart: I will double foreign aid spent on climate change fight

Rory is managing his own photo-ops (there is a disturbing video clip in this tweet):

I’ve never been so disturbed in my life pic.twitter.com/4e1dWYNoTy

— Madeline Keep (@Madeline_Keep) May 30, 2019


Unity News Network drew our attention to the fact that another deadline has just passed – the 31st May deadline:

BOMBSHELL legal question-Did we exit the EU YESTERDAY?!

From the Sun:

BREX BLOCK BERC Pro-EU Commons Speaker John Bercow boasts MPs will block No Deal Brexit if Boris or Raab becomes PM

The Speaker was also criticized for his expense claims. From the Express:

Order! Bercow expenses REVEALED – including Sky Sports subscription and photos for ‘fans’

From the Daily Mail:

Revealed: Taxpayers footed £13,000 bill for Speaker Bercow’s three-day Canada trip, £70 on photos for ‘fans’ and £113 a month for Sky Sports in his opulent grace-and-favour home (but he paid back £40 for films for his children)

Boris was facing a private prosecution for “misconduct in a public office” this week. From the Times:

Boris Johnson faces court over Brexit referendum ‘lies’

The BBC gleefully placed the story at the top of their front page:

Brexit: Boris Johnson ordered to appear in court over £350m claim

The Spectator hit back with this counter claim:

The £350m line on the Brexit bus was wrong. The real figure is higher

Pretty soon everyone was making suggestions about which other politicians could be taken to court:

Galloway threatens Alastair Campbell with LEGAL ACTION for ‘misconduct’ over Iraq War

A claim from the Express:

EU SHOCK: How Tony Blair was PAID by EU before helping to DOUBLE UK’s budget contribution

A much bigger sum was involved in this claim however:

EU DECEPTION? How Edward Heath was ‘given £1.5MILLION before taking Britain into bloc’

From the BBC:

Phillip Lee, Bracknell Tory MP, loses no confidence vote

The Remain supporting MP resigned from his post as a justice minister last year.


Conflict of interest perhaps? From the Daily Mail:

Amber Rudd surprises Westminster as she defends Chinese tech giant Huawei – which has been advised by her brother’s PR firm


From the Daily Mail:

Muslim Council of Britain calls for Conservative Party to be investigated by human rights watchdog over ‘Islamophobia’

David Vance of altnewsmedia.net was condemned by CAGE for using Islamophobic words such as “Muslims”:

"Pakistani" "Muslim" and now "Taqiya". David has all the phrases that the well funded islamophobia industry employs to reignite old western fascism https://t.co/Z9JkRt1rDn

— CAGE (@UK_CAGE) May 31, 2019

What did he say that triggered the condemnation? Here is the tweet:

Spare me the Taqiya @siemaiqbal. The @UK_CAGE thread which you endorse clearly supports famous Pakistani Al Qaeda terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, and calls her "Daughter of the [Pakistani] Nation". Do you @siemaiqbal agree that Aafia Siddiqui is rightfully imprisoned by the USA? @rcgp https://t.co/EoPF0rNku1

— David Vance (@DVATW) May 31, 2019

From Sky News:

Concern over mosque safety: British Muslims call for increase to govt security grant


Mosques will be able to apply for a government grant from a £5m pot from July, but British Muslim leaders say this is not enough.

The MCB is keeping up the pressure on the Conservative Party:

Conservative Waltham Forest councillor accused of Islamophobic tweets


A story publicized by infowars appears to be confirmed, the Mail Online spoke to a Ministry of Defence spokesperson:

Patriotism is a ‘red-flag for racism’: Army officers are warned soldiers calling themselves ‘patriots’ or who make ‘inaccurate generalisations about the Left’ could be right-wing extremists in their ranks

Use of the word “Islamofascism” is also an indicator apparently, as are the following:

Use blatantly untruthful or incorrect references to immigrants, Judaism or Islam

Claim that it is acceptable to abuse Jews or Muslims as Judaism or Islam are not ‘races’

Criticisms of left wing influence are also listed:

Refer to Political Correctness as some left wing or communist plot

Make inaccurate generalisations about ‘the Left’ or Government

Quite what constitutes “abuse” and an “inaccurate generalization” is not clear however.


From the Telegraph:

How dare Shamima Begum and her lawyers blame the Home Office for her radicalisation?

Of course the Islamophiles at the BBC gave the non-story the publicity it didn’t deserve:

Shamima Begum ‘groomed’ by IS – family lawyer


Mosquebuster Gavin Boby comments on the ongoing row in Birmingham. From Vlad Tepes’s blog:

Gavin Boby on the Left-Islamic conflict over LGBT in schools in the UK


They are now reaping what they have sowed.

Mr. Boby predicts that the clash will escalate. Apparently Nazir Afzal has been brought in as a mediator in an attempt to diffuse the row (one of the tricks that Mr. Boby refers to). From the BBC:

Birmingham LGBT school row: Protest parents ‘manipulated’

Quote (from Mr. Afzal):

“I have examined the curriculum myself and there is no specific LGBT content, no reference to gay sex, none at all – there is reference, as there should be, to equality.”

Somehow it seems unlikely that the protestors will accept this however.


Paul Weston draws our attention to the fact that the Greater Manchester Police seem to promote Islam and gay rights:

Paul Weston – Update Re Britain’s Sharia Compliant Police

He drew our attention to this tweet:

It was an honour to attend @GMPRochdale community #iftar at Rochdale Police Station
Thank you for having us for the #Ramadan get together, it was wonderful to spend the evening with friends. So much respect for the Muslim officers who are fasting whilst on duty.#ShareRamadan pic.twitter.com/5YB9eE7GvA

— (@Shahid_MoSardar) May 20, 2019

Supt JP Ruffle apparently likes to share tweets from this account, the same Twitter account which shared the milkshake incitement from Burger King which we mentioned in a previous weekly roundup.

Dear people of Scotland.

We’re selling milkshakes all weekend.

Have fun.

Love BK #justsaying

— Burger King (@BurgerKingUK) May 18, 2019

The same account also promotes Momentum and the Muslim Council of Britain’s tweets:

The Chair of the Conservative Muslim Forum has lost faith in the Conservative Party's ability to deal with complaints about Islamophobia properly.

This is serious.https://t.co/Lfd3qPqeDt

— Miqdaad Versi (@miqdaad) May 30, 2019

No media outlet should allow the Conservatives to falsely claim (again) that members are "immediately suspended" after Islamophobic statements

It is a lie & cannot be allowed to be repeated without being called out as a lie #ToryIslamophobia

Example: https://t.co/kxiA0nxsoO

— Miqdaad Versi (@miqdaad) May 30, 2019

Is it appropriate for a police superintendent to be associated with such an account, Paul asks?

For some reason armed officers are now needed at public events in Manchester apparently:

We’ve listened and will be providing armed officers at Manchester’s big crowd events over the coming months.

A familiar sight across Manchester officers will be out and about to ensure the safety of visitors to the city over the summer.

Read more: https://t.co/zBmOMJIDkq pic.twitter.com/4wGvKjokkJ

— G M Police (@gmpolice) April 11, 2019


From the Express:

‘Record number’ of migrant boats spotted off UK coast

From the Daily Mail:

THIRTEEN migrant boats set off en mass across the English Channel from France as border patrol pick up 30 people including eight who made it to the shores of Kent

Will Sajid Javid’s record at the Home Office affect his chances of success in the leadership contest?


From Sky News:

Killed teen Jason Isaacs ‘never stood a chance against London’s machetes’

From the Express:

Violent crime in London SURGING under Sadiq Khan claims damning new report

A street scene in England, 2019 (video clip in this tweet):

England 2019. Things have changed. pic.twitter.com/4bUYz8vqT3

— David Vance (@DVATW) May 29, 2019


From Breitbart:

Would-Be Police Officer Denied Job for Being a White Male Wins Appeal


From the Express:

Julian Assange has been subject to cruel punishment and even TORTURE, says UN official

Commentary from Jonathan Turley:

The Assange Case Could Prove The Most Important Press Case In 300 Years


From Human Events, apparently Eoin Lenihan has been banned from Twitter for revealing links between Antifa and mainstream media journalists (including some who work for the Guardian, HuffPost, and Al Jazeera):

Twitter Bans Analyst Who Revealed AntiFa Connections With Journalists

The article that got him in trouble, from Quillette:

It’s Not Your Imagination: The Journalists Writing About Antifa Are Often Their Cheerleaders

Geert Wilders was apparently banned for opposing the Islamification of his country:

Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders is blocked from Twitter after branding opposition party D-66 ‘suckers… who import ever more Islam’


From the Times:

Scouts earn U-turn badge after scrapping trans policy


From Breitbart:

Ireland Sought to Give Thousands of Migrants ‘Amnesty Under Another Name’


From the Telegraph:

French police to face charges over yellow vest injuries


Some footage of migrants in Spain expressing their gratitude to their Spanish hosts (video clip of migrants rioting in this tweet):

Vulnerable refugees express their thanks to their Spanish hosts.pic.twitter.com/3SonSK2V4J

— David Vance (@DVATW) May 30, 2019


Wasn’t that supposed to read “innocent UNTIL proven guilty”, some readers were probably wondering? From Breitbart, the story of how Innocent Oseghale was proven guilty but his two friends (both named Lucky) were acquitted of a horrific crime of rape and murder (involving mutilation of their victim):

Nigerian Migrant Sentenced to Life for Murder of Italian Teen Pamela Mastropietro

Innocent’s parents presumed a little too much about their son’s future when they named him unfortunately. Allegedly according to a cell-mate he began dismembering his victim before she had died.


From the Telegraph:

Italy to activate its ‘parallel currency’ in defiant riposte to EU ultimatum

Italy clashes with the EU. From the Express:

Italy given just TWO DAYS to explain debt crisis or face £3bn fine as EU lays down the law


From Breitbart:

Far-Left Extremist Arrested in Connection with Salvini Party Office Bombing


From politico.eu:

Austria’s Kurz loses confidence vote


From order-order:

Merkel Cancels Resignation, Decides Successor Not Up to Job

The greatest threat to Merkel seems to be from the watermelon party however:

The END of MERKEL? Greens OVERTAKE the German Chancellor’s conservatives in SHOCK poll


From Jonathan Turley’s blog:

Girl At Islamic School Accuses Headmaster of Assault . . . Mob Then Burns Girl To Death


An article Evan Horowitz at NBC News (“Think” section):

IQ rates are dropping in many developed countries and that doesn’t bode well for humanity

The author is obviously left-leaning, quote:

As yet, the United States hasn’t hit this IQ wall … don’t rush to celebrate American exceptionalism: If IQs are dropping in other advanced countries but not here, maybe that means we’re not really an advanced country (too much poverty, too little social support).

Perhaps it’s that very absence of “social support” that might at least in part explain the difference though. He also inevitably has to blame climate change as a possible factor as well:

There are also other possibilities, largely untested, such as global warming making food less nutritious or information-age devices sapping our ability to focus.

At least a mainstream news site is taking an interest in the terribly important phenomenon of declining IQ however.


From Vlad Tepes’s blog:

Muslim riots in Denmark stop Rasmus Paludan’s Hard Line party, campaign stop


From Vlad Tepes’s blog (video clip in this post):

Jordan Peterson and Viktor Orban in Hungary!

Note – Please remember this is not intended to be a comprehensive news round up, these are just the items that particularly caught our eye this week, and (where indicated) they are not always about recent events.

Note – Please note that we are dependent on the veracity of news reports provided by other news sources. It is not our intention to knowingly quote “Fake News” (except where stated as satire), but we do sometimes quote the BBC when other sources are unavailable.

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