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Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 22 June

by The Participator – 23 Jun 2019

Pakistan – nice scenery, shame about the religion

Our weekly roundup of news and opinion articles that we thought were important, mostly UK news but foreign news stories of interest to us as well.


Only Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt (pronounced with an ‘h’) were left in the contest. According to a Sky poll, Boris is in the lead even among ordinary voters:

Sky Poll of General Public Gives Boris Commanding Lead

Curtains were twitching in Camberwell as Boris Johnson and his girlfriend apparently had a very minor disagreement about something. The police were called to the non-incident and the media were falling over themselves in their haste to cover the non-story. From the Express:

Police called to Boris Johnson’s home after ‘shouting and slamming’ heard by neighbour

The Guardian had obtained audio footage of the incident apparently, although if you visit the Guardian website they will assure you that they respect your privacy.

It later transpired that the neighbours who had sounded the alarm were not exactly fans of Boris’s leadership bid (video clip link in this tweet):

Quite amazing video of the nosey neighbours who dobbed Boris to the police for raising his voice. As you can see they are a pair of complete melts with an agenda. All couples have arguments but few are recorded by vindictive neighbours pic.twitter.com/TazfNt62ZZ

— David Vance (@DVATW) June 22, 2019

From the BBC, news that another by-election is in the pipeline:

Welsh Tory MP unseated after petition


From Politicalite:

THREE THOUSAND Plymouth Students Registered To Vote ‘WITHOUT Their Permission’ – Police Investigate

Rod Liddle spoke to Jay Beecher from Politicalite in this clip (4 mins):

Jay Beecher on alleged voter fraud in Peterborough | Liddle’s Got Issues

Some troubling claims in the above clip such as a claim that imams in mosques are telling their congregations how to vote.

A prediction from 2016:

EXCLUSIVE: The areas at risk of VOTE RIGGING ahead of local elections and EU referendum


From Reuters:

Corbyn to back second Brexit referendum – The Times

Commenter BrexitTory drew our attention to a short video clip featuring Jeremy Corbyn from not so long ago:

Jeremy Corbyn said he didn't say "Article 50 has to be invoked now" on the morning of the EU referendum result.

So here he is, not saying "Article 50 has to be invoked now" on the morning of the EU referendum result.


— BrexitTory (@_BrexitTory) June 20, 2019


From Breitbart:

UK Govt to ‘Resettle Thousands More Refugees Starting Next Year, for Years to Come’

The Home Office announcement featured an LGBT flag:

"The UK will resettle thousands more refugees starting from next year, and for years to come."

Home Secretary @sajidjavid has announced the details of the UK’s new refugee resettlement scheme that will start in 2020. #RefugeeWeek

Read more: https://t.co/Ijvg9aKLaE pic.twitter.com/8wlXI53SLs

— Home Office (@ukhomeoffice) June 17, 2019

The Government website:

New global resettlement scheme for the most vulnerable refugees announced


From the Guardian:

UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia unlawful, court of appeal declares


From the Express:

Storm over Tory TV debate: MPs accuse BBC of incompetence for failing to vet guests

From Breitbart:

After Anti-Semitic Imam, Another BBC Guest at Tory Leaders Debate Revealed as Labour Activist

From the Daily Mail:

MPs call for Ofcom to probe BBC’s ‘disgraceful’ leadership debate that featured an anti-Israel imam who blames women for rape, a Labour apparatchik and other nakedly anti-Tory guests – as broadcaster still WON’T apologise

Nicky Campbell the presenter did at least apologize on Twitter (the BBC bosses will probably be calling him into the office for re-education):

I would like to apologise. We had the Imam from the BBC Tory leadership debate on our programme this morning. His social media comments have been extremely disturbing. We should have checked. We didn’t. I’m sorry.

— Nicky Campbell (@NickyAACampbell) June 19, 2019

A petition to end the BBC licence fee was doing well with 333,000 + signatures. Here it is (at 38 Degrees a petition website) if you want to sign:

End the BBC Licence Fee


Strange that nobody noticed surely? From the Daily Mail:

Fake psychiatrist who worked within the NHS for more than 22 years without ever qualifying is arrested for suspected fraud


Acid attacks are in fashion in London these days:

Three men injured in separate ‘acid attacks’ within hours of each other in east London

According to news reports two men in burkas threw acid at a market stall worker who suffered potentially life-changing injuries. In the other attack, two men had acid thrown at them by two men in burkas (possibly the same two presumably).

Our related post from this week on the subject of Jo Brand’s remarks about acid attacking people, in case you missed it:

Jo Brand And The Crime Of Selective Enforcement

From the BBC:

Nigel Farage milkshake attack: Newcastle man admits assault

Brendan O’Neill on disproportionate milkshake attack sentences:

“When a man threw an egg at Jeremy Corbyn, he was branded a fascist and jailed for a month. When a man threw a milkshake at Nigel Farage, he was celebrated in media circles and given just 150 hours community service. The double standards are staggering.”

Brendan O’Neill on Sky pic.twitter.com/ir49llgEko

— spiked (@spikedonline) June 19, 2019

From the Sun:

LOSING CONTROL Gang of a HUNDRED youths bombard police with bottles and missiles in Lawless London ‘riot’ outside Stratford Westfield

From the BBC:

Man guilty of making a gun using a 3D printer

The hashtag #Khanage is being popularized on Twitter:

Wake up LONDON #Khanage is killing us@SadiqKhan resign, you’re not keeping us safe. https://t.co/SX4IoxAUca

— Janice Atkinson (@Janice4Brexit) June 22, 2019

From the Daily Mail:

Woman, 37, who smashed six-month-old baby’s skull and sent videos of the injuries to her partner to get his attention is jailed for four years

From Examiner Live:

Police arrest 41 men and three women over alleged sexual abuse of four girls in Kirklees

From the Daily Mail:

Four Rochdale grooming gang members are STILL in Britain with one living back at home again a decade after abusing girls as young as 12


Trevor Philips former equalities chief weighed into the debate. From the Telegraph:

New Islamophobia definition could be ‘bully’s charter,’ warns former equalities chief


The Transgender Agenda faced a setback in Scotland. From the Telegraph:

SNP delays plan to allow Scots to self-identify gender amid party rebellion


From the Express:

Brussels FURIOUS: Switzerland turns screw on Commission – EU plots Brexit retaliation

From the Telegraph:

The City will shudder at Brussels’ strong-arm tactics with Switzerland


Week 32 for the Yellow Vest protests:

Still happening, #YellowVests protest for the 32nd straight week in #Paris

Get @Jeremy_Hunt this would probably become a reality here in UK unless if @Conservatives really don’t care.


— VoiceOfTheForgotten (@GiftCee) June 22, 2019

There was a claim that a fatality occurred during recent protests:

Macron and Merkel's Euro thugs beating a single French citizen. The victim was later found dead. This kind of tyranny will be used against us if we don't leave the EU now. #GetBritainOut pic.twitter.com/pHLHOjNVsy

— BrexitDirectAction (@ActionBrexit) June 17, 2019

More footage of police brutality:

#Marseille Un Brave policier s'est acharné sur un citoyen pacifiste avec des coups de matraque en pleine tête ?? NON IL N'YA PAS DE VIOLENECE POLICIERE !! Quelle honte…
Image du 22/06/2019.#GiletsJaunes #YellowVests #France #Macron #Acte32 #Paris pic.twitter.com/FJaAl4u9WK

— Le Général (@leGneral2) June 22, 2019

From Vlad Tepes’s blog, news that apparently legal moves against Macron are afoot:

Charges brought against Macron before International Criminal Court – German media silent

From the Express:

Macron government unveils ‘Act II’ of reforms after humiliating EU election and protests


From Breitbart:

Germany Sees Thirty Anti-Christian Attacks in Two Months


Frau Merkel was seen at a formal event shaking quite violently, from Vlad Tepes’s blog we have some footage that shows what really happened:

Could this be what happened to Merkel today?

Whoever said the Germans don’t have a sense of humour?


From the Express:

Warning: Spain terror threat raised to ‘severe’ as 40,000 police deployed to tourist spots

Meanwhile the socialist Spanish government continues to be enthusiastic about bringing in more migrants from Muslim dominated regions.


World War III seemed to be imminent this week as our contributor Sam Hooper responded to a call for censorship of his blog from the government of Pakistan:

Hi, Pakistan. Go f*ck yourselves. pic.twitter.com/x6IutCQMJ0

— Sam Hooper (@SamHooper) June 22, 2019

According to Sam they were complaining to WordPress about a Jesus and Mo cartoon picture that he had shared which apparently violated Pakistan’s laws (Sam doesn’t live in Pakistan though, that’s the thing). In the controversial cartoon picture, Jesus says “Hey” and Mo says “How ya doin’?”


Well known in Islamophobic circles, Hamed Abdel-Samad was briefly kicked off Youtube it seems but will be re-instated:

Islamic terrorists call for my murder since years because I criticise Islam. But They could never stop me from speaking out what I think. But now they have a collaborator. YouTube has just deleted my channel https://t.co/NEIcThIVNH where I discuss with Muslims about democracy

— Hamed Abdel-Samad (@hamed_samad) June 19, 2019

It was just a silly misunderstanding apparently.

Meanwhile arch villain Mark Zuckerberg was planning the next phase in his plan to take over the world:

Facebook cryptocurrency warning: Libra most ‘dangerous form of surveillance yet’ – experts

Dr Jordan Peterson is asking for volunteers for his new social media platform, please sign up and participate in this project if you can spare the time:



Finally to end on a lighter note, we have a cat video to cheer you up (see link in tweet):

Brother Ishmael learn the hard way, crabs is not want to join the Catliphate pic.twitter.com/XLU6BObzy0

— Islamicat (@_Islamicat) June 23, 2019

Note – Please remember this is not intended to be a comprehensive news round up, these are just the items that particularly caught our eye this week, and (where indicated) they are not always about recent events.

Note – Please note that we are dependent on the veracity of news reports provided by other news sources. It is not our intention to knowingly quote “Fake News” (except where stated as satire), but we do sometimes quote the BBC when other sources are unavailable.

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