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Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 29 June

by The Participator – 30 Jun 2019

All aboard the democracy bus, get off when you reach your stop …

Our weekly roundup of news and opinion articles that we thought were important, mostly UK news but foreign news stories of interest to us as well.


From Breitbart:

Brexit Party Declares War on Postal Vote Fraud, Legal Challenge to Vote-rigger’s Involvement in By-election

From the Express:

Peterborough by-election shock as illegal ‘family voting’ spotted at 11 polling stations

We were reminded of this article, from the Telegraph (2005):

Labour activists had ‘vote-rigging factory’ to hijack postal votes


When is the Speaker Bercow going to go? From the Telegraph:

John Bercow’s fresh plot to derail Brexit revealed as allies say he hopes to stay as speaker until Christmas

English Democrats court case update:

Yesterday we got the very surprising news that a single judge considering our case on the papers refused permission. We are not going to be deterred! On Friday we shall be issuing our appeal in the Court of Appeal. We are also instructing Queen’s Counsel in the appeal

— Robin Tilbrook (@RobinTilbrook) June 26, 2019

Nick Clegg, now of Facebook, seemed to have wandered off-script when he made this announcement. From the BBC:

Facebook: Nick Clegg says ‘no evidence’ of Russian interference in Brexit vote

Aaron Banks has finally had enough of the Cadswallop. From order-order:

Banks Suing Cadwalladr Over Russian Money Claims


From the Express:

Britain’s population rises by 400,000 in a year fuelled by migration


From the Telegraph:

People leaving London in record numbers as crime and cost drive them to the coast

Mayor Sadiq Khan has other priorities however:

Mayor tackles far-Right extremism in London with £1 million programme


From the Express:

EU knives out for Farage: faces ‘highest penalty’ as MEPs demand PUNISHMENT in funding row

From order-order:

Brexit Party to Announce Defectors


Last week’s big non-story about Boris and his girlfriend seemed to have fizzled out when it emerged his relationship was probably not on the rocks after all. From the Daily Mail:

Boris and Carrie are seen together for first time since police row as friends dismiss rumours of split and insist ‘they are very much in love and want to get married as soon as time is right’

Anti-Boris commentators proudly signalled their virtue about domestic violence, however the virtuous ones forgot to protest when people behaved in a threatening manner outside Boris and Carrie’s home (causing them to move out):

Class war anarchists descend on Boris and Carrie’s flat as it emerges she’s ‘too afraid to return’ after anti-Brexit neighbours called police on them and handed row recording to newspaper

The self-styled “anarchists” held up a banner that said:

We must devastate the avenues where the wealthy live. Class War.

Not exactly peaceful people then …

From the BBC:

Justice Secretary David Gauke defeats no-confidence vote

Leadership contender Jeremy Hunt made a comment about “Little England” which caused a minor storm on Twitter:

Deliver a Brexit that works for the 48% not just the 52% – a positive, open and internationalist Brexit, Great Britain not Little England #BoJoNoShow https://t.co/UlcG95AKPx

— Jeremy Hunt (@Jeremy_Hunt) June 25, 2019

From the Daily Mail:

Jeremy Hunt vows to abandon Theresa May’s immigration target if he becomes Prime Minister, insisting Britain should not ‘pull down the shutters’ after leaving the EU

From the Telegraph:

Theresa May pledges to only spend £14 billion foreign aid budget on environmentally friendly schemes

Opinion from the Telegraph:

The next PM must declare war on May’s legacy of busybodying and petty rules


Lammy seems to be threatening some kind of liquid attack here (“anything I can get my hands on”):

Tim so you are clear. I would pour whatever I can get my hands on, on an avowed White Supremacist. My ancestors died fighting this shit. I don’t give two bloody hoots what your apologist arse thinks about it. (that’s me being polite) You lay down with dogs you get fleas. https://t.co/njmNNmzq8p

— David Lammy (@DavidLammy) June 23, 2019

Unity News Network drew some logical conclusions:

David Lammy in Twitter Storm over ‘SUPPORTING’ Acid Attacks!

From the Times:

Labour finances head into the red as members rush for exit

From Humanists UK:

Humanists UK calls for Leicester Assistant City Mayor to be investigated after revealing links to extremist and anti-apostate Islamic Centre

Some further commentary on the above story, from TR News:

Leicester Assistant City Mayor – EXPOSED


‘An apostate does not have the right to life. For his conscience is corrupted and he becomes like poison in the life of society’.

From the Jewish Chronicle:

Huda Elmi, Labour NEC panelist who helped reinstate Chris Williamson, called for EHRC to be ‘abolished’ when it announced Labour antisemitism investigation


The Liberal Democrats seem to be experiencing something of a surge in support at the moment, despite the fact their leadership frontrunner Jo Swinson just insulted the entire nation. From the Daily Mail:

Frontrunner for Lib Dem leadership is accused of ‘smearing the country’ after branding the UK ‘racist’

From the Telegraph (2017):

Liberal Democrat Jo Swinson faces ‘serious questions’ over £7,000 omission in election spending

Whose side are they on? From order-order:

Cable Enjoys Summer Bash After Plugging Huawei

Davey apologized. From order-order:

Davey Apologises for Saying He Wants to Decapitate “Blond Head” of Boris


The Spectator asks questions about the scale of quackery in the NHS:

Is your doctor faking it?


GMC registered 15,301 new doctors, 8,115 of whom had qualified abroad, mostly from countries outside the European Union, with Pakistan, India and Nigeria topping that list

From the GMC, a report that the numbers of foreign doctors recruited by the NHS is increasing year on year (from April last year):

GMC gears up to support extra international doctors wanting to work in the UK

From Pulse Today (last year):

Thousands of doctors from overseas face GMC qualifications probe after fraud case

A vote by the British Medical Association caused consternation on social media:

Who pays their doctor BMA salaries? Taxpayers
Who runs the NHS? Government
Who creates policy? Government
We the people demand overseas ‘patients’ are charged for our NHS https://t.co/0lAE0kV6NX

— Janice Atkinson (@Janice4Brexit) June 26, 2019

From the Daily Mail:

Doctors vote to stop charging overseas patients for their treatment at NHS hospitals


From the Independent:

Parents should be stopped from withdrawing children from religious education over Islam lessons, headteachers say

From Breitbart:

Conservative Schools Minister: All Primary Children Will Learn About Same-Sex Relationships

Angela Eagle was moved to tears during her statement on the LGBTQI teaching row:

"We aren't going to get back in the closet, or hide, or be ashamed of the way we are"

Labour's Angela Eagle makes an emotional plea to MPs to take action over LGBT teaching protests in Birmingham https://t.co/JxDIn8DoDz pic.twitter.com/sSM2bjuC7q

— BBC Politics (@BBCPolitics) June 25, 2019

Also from Breitbart:

Teen Who Said There Are Two Genders Suspended from School

From Sky News:

At 8.45am on #Sunrise, we'll be speaking to a brave teenage boy who was crowned prom queen after dressing in a glamorous pink dress for school leavers' pic.twitter.com/KAWMUkCoi6

— Sky News (@SkyNews) June 26, 2019


From the Daily Mail:

Disabled grandfather is sacked by Asda after colleague complained about him sharing an ‘anti-Islamic’ Billy Connolly sketch on his Facebook page

According to the Guardian though there is no threat to free speech right now (what does it matter if people lose their jobs for having the wrong opinions anyway):

Free speech isn’t under threat. It just suits bigots and boors to suggest so

Meanwhile Linda Sarsour was apparently invited to a MEND event in London (see tweet thread for Maajid’s numerous complaints about Ms Sarsour):

Pro-Islamist MEND in London hosts American Islamist Linda Sarsour, who’s on the record stating about FGM survivor & activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali she “deserves an ass whippin’ I wish I could take their vaginas away”. She also praised “living under shariah law” https://t.co/yfV5ISo6Zq pic.twitter.com/dSg5fUz4q4

— Maajid – (Majid) (@MaajidNawaz) June 24, 2019

She is allowed in to the UK with her hateful views but Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller were not.


From the Independent:

Police admit failing to prosecute Islamists for membership of UK’s ‘most dangerous extremist group’


From the Express:

Switzerland activates ‘Plan B’ after Swiss stocks barred from EU trading

Some analysis from Pieter Cleppe of Open Europe (from last year):

Switzerland offers some valuable lessons for Brexit


From Breitbart:

Salvini’s Popularity Soars Amidst Sea-Watch Migrant Controversy


Erdogan famously said that democracy is a bus that you get off when it reaches your stop. From the Express:

Turkey uprising: Erdogan humiliated as opposition secures major victory in rerun vote


From Gatestone Institute:

Africa: Alarming Rise of Christian Persecution


Of course Muslims are the greatest victims in the world, eternally suffering as they do from Islamophobia. Even in Pakistan where the Islamophobic minorities have been largely dealt with, it is still a problem apparently. From Dawn:

Pakistan proposes 6-point plan at UN to counter racism, religious hatred

In Holland some Islamophobes had eggs and bricks thrown at them so the police arrested the Islamophobes. From Vlad Tepes’s blog:

Holland: Muslims throw rocks and bricks at group, police arrest the group


From the Gatestone Institute:

UN Global Compact: What Happens Next?


From Vlad Tepes’s blog, video footage of more attacks on border guards:

Moroccan illegals throw rocks at Spanish border guards to control illegal crossings


From the Times:

Oxfam scandal: staff still offering aid for sex, report claims


From the Express:

Horror for Merkel as German-Iran trade collapses under Donald Trump sanctions

Also from the Express:

Russia vows to defend ‘ally’ Iran in menacing threat as Trump signs off damaging sanctions

From the Jerusalem Post:

Iran attempted attack in Paris, half a ton of explosives found – report


From the Express:

South China Sea: Beijing aircraft carrier enters Taiwan waters amid soaring tensions


From Jihad Watch:

Canada: Immigration minister seeks to “massively ramp up” refugee intake


Canada’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, a Somali refugee himself, “says he would like to see Canada welcome more refugees than it currently accepts and believes more of them should be able to enter through economic immigration programs.”

No surprises there then …


Portland, Oregon:

Police have received information that some of the milkshakes thrown today during the demonstration contained quick-drying cement. We are encouraging anyone hit with a substance today to report it to police.

— Portland Police (@PortlandPolice) June 29, 2019


Our contributor Jillian Becker had her Facebook account suspended for 3 days for publicizing this video (from 2016 it shows some footage of Sharia patrols in the UK):

UK “Sharia Patrols” enforcing Islamic law in East London, harass gays and women

From Breitbart:

Swedish Man Convicted for ‘Hate’ Comments He Did Not Write

From the Gateway Pundit:

Devin Nunes: Court Date for $250 Million Lawsuit Against Twitter for Censoring Conservatives Is Set For End of August (VIDEO)


Project Veritas obtained video footage of a Google executive bragging about how large companies such as Google were “needed” to stop “another Trump situation”.

BREAKING @Project_Veritas: Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent "Trump situation" in 2020 on Hidden Cam — FULL VIDEO AND BACKUP: https://t.co/8DWus8E4ia pic.twitter.com/XWD9JKcZ2C

— James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) June 24, 2019

From Breitbart:

Google Insider to Project Veritas: Company Will ‘Never’ Let Somebody Like Trump Come to Power Again

From the Gateway Pundit:

GOOGLE EXECS PANIC! Go Into Hiding – Delete Social Media Accounts After James O’Keefe’s Latest Exposé

Allegedly Google employees were encouraged to join pro-migration protests in this internal document (copy at the Project Veritas website):

Beginner’s Guide to Protesting How to Guide + What to Expect + How You Can Help


A Sign — feel free to make your own, but you don’t need one to participate!

Ideas for signage include “#NoMuslimBan #NoWall” “Don’t Be Evil” “Refugees Welcome” “Immigrants Welcome” “Make America Welcoming Again” “#GooglersUnite” “Resist” “Never Again” “No Ban No Wall” “This is not who we are” “Muslims cure cancer”

No Ban, No Wall, Sanctuary for All

No Ban, No Wall, America’s for All

No Hate, No Fear, Refugees are welcome here

No Hate, No Fear, Immigrants are welcome here

From Palestine to Mexico, All the walls have got to go

Also a clip from a hearing in the US (hat tip to Vlad Tepes’s blog for sharing):

Dan Crenshaw Interrogates Social Media Execs on Silencing Conservatives


In a house hearing today, Representative Dan Crenshaw interrogated social media execs on conservative censorship

Mr Crenshaw challenged squirming Google executives on leaked emails that stated as fact that Dr. Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro (who is Jewish) were Nazis.


Finally to lighten the mood after that lot, there is an inspirational clip from the Catliphate HQ (video clip in this tweet):

New African jihadicat recruit show his keenness by launch daring aerial suicide attack on nearest Orthodog pic.twitter.com/2kkTEUITY5

— Islamicat (@_Islamicat) June 29, 2019

Also, there is a lesson for those who draw the prophet Miaowhammad:

Making depictions of the Prophet Miaowhammad (pilchards be upon him) is very bad according to Klaw'ran and must be met with peaceful violence pic.twitter.com/6GbqTnr0vq

— Islamicat (@_Islamicat) June 29, 2019

Note – Please remember this is not intended to be a comprehensive news round up, these are just the items that particularly caught our eye this week, and (where indicated) they are not always about recent events.

Note – Please note that we are dependent on the veracity of news reports provided by other news sources. It is not our intention to knowingly quote “Fake News” (except where stated as satire), but we do sometimes quote the BBC when other sources are unavailable.

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