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A Good Ship Crashing On The Rocks Of Stupidity

by fahrenheit211 – 29 Jul 2019

A picture of a ship hitting rocks which is a good analogy to the path that the writer Shazia Hobbs seems to have taken

It’s never nice to see a good person, one whom may have been previously admired, go to the bad and to see them making foolish choices. It’s worse when it is someone who could be considered as a friend whom family trivia was shared with and a person whom one has championed and promoted and debated with. It is like standing helplessly on a quayside and watching a fine ship, loaded with passengers run aground on rocks that should have been easy for the master of the ship to avoid. The onlooker shouts and hollers at the ship to turn, waves a red light to signify danger but all to no avail. Despite the onlooker’s actions the ship continues on its way and crashes on the rocks causing great loss.

The analogy of the ship heading for its doom is a good one to describe how I feel about the author Ms Shazia Hobbs at the moment or more particularly the political path that she appears to have taken. I have both promoted Ms Hobbs, an ex-Muslim writer, on numerous occasions and have debated with her on various matters, mostly centred around religion and politics. We did not agree on everything as she is an avowed secularist whereas I am that most unusual of creatures a Jewish antidisestablishmentarian, who believes that there is a place in English life for the Established Church of England. We did not agree either on the matter of a parents right to bring up their children in the religion of the parent’s choice but her opinion on these issues even when we agreed to disagree was interesting and thought provoking. What we did agree about is the issue of Islam and the threat this ideology poses to other non-Islamic cultures.

As I said I have promoted and championed the writing of Shazia Hobbs for a while now. This is not just because she wrote stuff that was interesting to this blog’s viewers but also because her viewpoint as an ex Muslim, a group which I believe we have a moral duty to protect and who latterly became an atheist, was one that is too often not heard enough in public.

Fast forward to today and my view of Ms Hobbs has changed radically. Over recent months her social media output on places like Gab has become increasingly odd with a greater stridency and much less nuance than they had had in the past. She started putting out posts that were basically regurgitations of the sort of anti-Semitic canards that I had often heard from the sort of people I marched against back in the early 1980’s in order to protect my black and brown mates from getting an undeserved kicking from the National Front’s boot boys. Ms Hobbs started putting out on social media the usual tired old guff tropes about ‘Jewish Bolshevism’ and ‘Cultural Marxism as a Jewish plot’ along with misapprehensions about the commandment of circumcision namely the claim that there is a widespread practise where ‘Rabbi’s suck babies penises’.

I recall explaining to her that there were indeed Jewish apostates involved in the Russian revolution but these individuals were both a minority of those of Jewish heritage and that the vast majority of Bolsheviks were from Russian non Jewish stock. I also gave her some solid resources, not tin foil hat guff, about Cultural Marxism and also explained to her that the practise of orally removing blood from a circumcision wound is very much the minority occurrence. This practise, known in Hebrew as mestiza b’peh is shunned by the vast majority of Jews on health and safety grounds and is only carried out by a few Charedi sects. I know of no mainstream Orthodox or non Orthodox Jew who has engaged in this practise one that was originally and mistakenly brought in itself as a route to prevent infections.

Unfortunately none of the information that I supplied to her swayed her in any way. She continued on her path into the dark side of ethno-nationalism and now not only consorts with another person who’s hit the rocks of stupidity with regards the issue of Jews and Judaism, Simon Harris, but is also being supported and championed by a raft of Jew-haters and jackboot-lickers for her stance on what is known in these circles as ‘the Jewish Question’.

Like many others I gave Ms Hobbs the benefit of the doubt when she first started publishing the sort of guff that would not be out of place in the pages of the 19th / 20th century fraud the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I wondered if she was trolling people or being provocative for effect as some do and put aside a prescient warning from other Gab users that Shazia Hobbs was turning bad. This is because I prefer to make my own mind up about a person rather than rely too much on the opinions of others. Normally I find that this policy works and it has brought me into contact with many people whom I may not have interacted with had I just believed the views of others about them. Sadly on this occasion it seems that I was wrong and the nay sayers who pointed out to me that things were worse than I may have assumed were correct. Ms Shazia Hobbs really does seem to be the once good ship that is about to be impaled on the moronic rocks of Jew hatred.

She has also had extensive and prolonged contact with the sort of people who because of their record should never have been allowed anywhere near the type of organisation that is both civic nationalist and which opposes the theological fascism of Islam. Whilst I have no objection to people debating individuals such as the BNP’s Mark Collett, in order to give them sufficient political rope to hang themselves with, Shazia Hobbs has gone a bit further than that and now is giving the appearance of actually supporting Collett and his deranged and historically in the UK barely supported views. It’s not rocket science to find out about Collett’s background and record to know that he is not the sort of person who should be embraced by those who believe in both liberty and civic nationalism.

I can well understand that as an organisation that has never to my knowledge promoted either Jew hatred or hatred on the grounds of race, the Tommy Robinson organisation, needed to distance themselves from someone who has gone to the bad. Therefore I was not surprised at all to hear that TR News, the Tommy Robinson organisation’s ‘front window’, has deleted all of the articles that Shazia Hobbs had published on that site. It was to be frank, an act of political self protection against a person who has become a bit of a loose cannon in the counterjihad movement and in my view a bit of a liability to it. Apparently this has caused, according to various rumours I’ve heard, the TR organisation to have a bit of a clear out and both a senior member of Tommy Robinson’s team and someone who comes over as a bit ‘tin foil hat’ have been pushed away from the inner circle surrounding Mr Robinson. I believe, and I am willing to be corrected on this, that part of the issue for at least one of the removals was extensive contact with the aforementioned Mark Collett.

There are very few people in this world whom I believe are unredeemable, as it is in the nature of humanity that we are all subject to making errors and mistakes, as well as following false gurus or leaders whether that be in the form of individuals or ideologies. Therefore I do hope that Ms Hobbs does some hard thinking about the path she has taken, about those with whom she is associating with and the stuff she has taken to spouting. As I said at the beginning of this piece, it is heartbreaking to watch someone who I assumed was more or less on the same side as I was on many issues go to the bad like this. I do however hope that Ms Hobbs can sort herself out and see this political swerve as many of us see it, which is a sad and tawdry betrayal of genuine liberal and civic nationalist principles.

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