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A Turning Point For The West?

by Chauncey Tinker – 4 Jul 2019

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A conservative youth movement called Turning Point has emerged in the US, as I’m sure many readers are already aware. It isn’t a political party as such it is just a movement that argues for conservative politics and conservative values. The two individuals leading this movement in the US are Charlie Kirk the founder (who is white) and Candace Owens (who is black). There is a short video clip of Candace in action in this tweet, where she is discussing the subject of reparations for the slave trade, which she rejects:

When people ask me about reparations, the first thing I do is laugh at the exhaustive stupidity and desperation of the Democrats.

Then I ask a few very important questions back… pic.twitter.com/xzooq8rr2z

— Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) June 28, 2019

She responds by pointing out that more than half of the world might have some claim for reparations if slavery in all bygone eras was taken into account, and she gives the examples of the Ottoman and Roman empires. Ms Owens has performed very well in media appearances in general in my opinion, there are a growing number of such clips from interviews. She also recently appeared at a congressional hearing where again she put those questioning her to shame:

Candace Owens at Congressional Hearing: ‘Black People Are Not Owned by the Left’

On the subject of immigration the group generally seems to be pro legal immigration and anti illegal immigration. In this next video (45 mins long approx) Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens join an audience for a debate in the UK (incidentally there is also a UK branch of Turning Point):

Candace Owens Immigration Debate With UK Leftists

Note that one of the UK speakers on the panel at this event (@28 mins) condemned identity politics on the right and said that (@28:40):

Tommy Robinson is someone who promotes identity politics on the right

The UK representatives on the panel seemed to agree that Tommy Robinson should not be allowed to participate in the Turning Point movement, although none of them explained exactly what it was about Tommy’s activities that they objected to.

Charlie Kirk did speak out against the arrest of Tommy Robinson, and there was general agreement in the debate on the importance of freedom of speech. One member of the audience was critical of the UK branch of Turning Point for aligning too closely with the Conservative Party, which he rightly pointed out has an abysmal track record on freedom of speech.


The left wing media have predictably tried to smear the movement, we have seen ridiculous headlines in the UK including words such as “sinister” and “far-right”. At the above mentioned debate there are posters behind the panel listing the values the movement espouses:

Surely these are only sinister values from the point of view of a rabid Marxist?

From the Independent:

Turning Point UK: Jacob Rees-Mogg and Tory MPs support new branch of ‘sinister’ right-wing US group

From the Guardian:

Tory MPs back youth group with apparent links to US far right

From the sub-title it becomes clear that one of the main concerns motivating this media opposition is the fact that some members have expressed “anti-Islam views”. Yes, that’s right, the problem is that some members shockingly oppose a violent, supremacist, patriarchal, misogynistic belief system called Islam. The UK’s For Britain party has expressed support according to the above Guardian article (we’re supposed to be shocked by this information).


Another youth movement that emerged in recent years of course is Generation Identity, which seems to have faded from the spotlight somewhat lately, no doubt partly thanks to the state persecution the group has experienced in Austria. Members of the group were also refused entry to the UK last year.

A lot of people on the left seem to feel the same degree of antagonism towards both Turning Point and Generation Identity, even though Turning Point are an avowedly anti-racist organization, and say they oppose identity politics, whereas the Generation Identity group is very much focused on race. Of course you only have to oppose uncontrolled mass immigration these days, as both movements do, to be labelled as “far-right” etc. by the left.

Some have accused Turning Point of pandering to the very identity politics that they claim to oppose. Candace Owens in the above debate in the UK (@40) suggests that the US would benefit from more legal immigration from Africa, and she argues for a merit based system; is she revealing her own in-group preference here?

I strongly disagree with this Western policy of cherry picking only the best people from impoverished countries, this is for one thing helping to ensure those countries are perpetually failing, leading to an endless stream of “economic” migrants heading for the West. Some of the brightest and most articulate immigrants are also entering politics in the West, making it harder and harder for any party to advocate for serious border controls, as peer pressure mounts against anti-immigration views. The UK now even has a Muslim of Pakistani origin running the UK Home Office, the department in charge of immigration enforcement! I think the whole world needs to start thinking about the long term consequences of mass immigration and we need to face up to the turmoil that it is causing. We should be aiming for sustainability, not constantly destabilising both first and third world countries alike.

Generation Identity by contrast want to return Western countries to being racially predominately white European, and I fear this is also an objective that is fraught with problems. The demographic makeup of the West has already changed, not just with recent immigration but many people of many different ethnicities have already been here for several generations. There are also growing numbers of mixed race people in the West, although the percentage seems to be relatively small (around 1% in the UK apparently as far as I can determine from media reports).

I searched but could not find any mention of the huge issue of low Western birth rates in speeches by Turning Point members. For Generation Identity of course this is a major concern:

Generation Identity book review of The Strange Death of Europe

I find myself somewhat caught in the middle between the two movements. I fear that a movement that focuses on race will likely create division not just between racial groups but also among conservatives. However, having observed growing anti-white racism in the UK (the names David Lammy, Diane Abbott, and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown spring to mind), I feel we really need to call a complete halt to immigration. I wrote an article a while ago on the subject of the UK’s black radical professor who advocates violent wealth transfer from whites to blacks, this article may be an eye opener for those who have not yet noticed the growing problem of anti-white racism.

Growing division is certainly in evidence in the responses to this tweet from a Generation Identity UK leader (video clip in this tweet):

This is Blackpool, England.

Once an English town.

We never voted for this, we were never consulted.

Stop #TheGreatReplacement. pic.twitter.com/YkerA4Qv2J

— Charlie Fox (@CharlieFoxID) April 24, 2019

Remembering areas such as Blackpool from my youth I can attest that the demographic shift has been dramatic and I would be lying if I said I was not troubled by the changes. Responses such as this reply to the above tweet are hardly likely to dampen such concerns:

Racist scumbag reported…

I'd rather have a million of them than one of you… You are a disgrace to the values of the country you profess to hold so dear…

— Peter Kirkham (@Peter_Kirkham) April 27, 2019

Unless we can put a stop to the trend towards anti-White racism I fear the West is going to become increasingly divided, and the risk of tensions spilling into violence grows with every passing day. Consequently I take the view that Western countries must build secure defences to keep migrants out, at least until other racial groups in the world also abandon their in-group preference (so far it seems only white Western nations have been inclined to do that).

Even leaving the questions of anti-white racism and in-group preference aside, the economic advantages of moving to the West are going to continue to act as a powerful magnet for continuing mass immigration until white Europeans become a minority everywhere in the West, and even eventually disappear altogether. Can you really claim that you are not racist yourself, that you like diversity, if you are happy to see white people disappear from the face of the earth?


While I think the emergence of the Turning Point movement is a positive development, and I hope they convert many young people to conservative ideals, I fear some of the most difficult subjects are being glossed over in the debates mentioned above. Above all we must talk about the disastrously low fertility rates in developed nations, failure to do so will I believe have catastrophic consequences not just for the West but for the whole world.

Perhaps the conversation can only be turned in the right direction in stages though, certainly we must above all re-establish the importance of fundamentals such as equality before the law and defend a reasonable degree of freedom of speech. Turning Point do at least have these fundamentals very much in mind.


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