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Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 13 July

by The Participator – 14 Jul 2019

The end is nigh, or is it?

Our weekly roundup of news and opinion articles that we thought were important, mostly UK news but foreign news stories of interest to us as well.


From Breitbart:

Tommy Robinson Sentenced to Nine Months in Prison

Sizeable crowds demonstrated outside the court room:

LIVE: Outside courthouse as Tommy Robinson sentenced in contempt of court retrial

Katie Hopkins was at the Old Bailey:

At the Old Bailey for the sentencing of Tommy Robinson.

People talk of feeling sick, real tension and nervousness in the air.

The state versus the people. #TommyRobinson pic.twitter.com/6Wm4dnzJ6g

— Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) July 11, 2019

There was some speculation about which prison Tommy would be sent to. Fearing the worst, Tommy requested his supporters attend a demo:

At the request of Tommy Robinson a DEMO is being held outside Belmarsh prison London SE28 0EB tomorrow Saturday 13th July, 6-8pm. Meeting point – Tesco Express, 7-8 Thames Reach, Thamesmead, London, SE28 0NY Follow @RealDannyTommo & @RbinmanRichard Let's keep his spirits up pic.twitter.com/Ey5AoKXM7P

— CK #FreeTommy #1984 #TommyRobinson (@crusaderkeif) July 12, 2019

From the Evening Standard:

Maximum security Belmarsh prison is ‘like a jihadi training camp,’ says former inmate

Tommy also requested asylum for himself and his family in the US:

"My name is #TommyRobinson today I am calling on the help of @realDonaldTrump his administration and the @GOP. To grant me and my family political asylum in the #UnitedStates of America." pic.twitter.com/fjetMgmEwW

— zay (@zay_ah) July 8, 2019


From the BBC:

Sir Kim Darroch: UK ambassador to US resigns in Trump leaks row

From the Daily Mail:

Terror cops probe leak of Darroch emails about Trump: Scotland Yard is accused of ‘police state’ tactics with threat to prosecute publishers who print more secrets

Nigel Farage apparently said that Sir Kim Darroch is a fanatical Europhile and globalist. From Breitbart:

Exclusive: Farage Calls Darroch a ‘Fanatical’ Europhile and ‘Globalist’


It seems the appointment of the next EU Commission President may not yet be certain after all (last week media reports were suggesting it was a done deal). From the Express:

EU chief nominee warned she has ‘one chance’ to secure job as Greens pull support

Some commentary from the Gatestone Institute:

European Union: Toward a European Superstate

The above article quotes the nominee for the Presidency Ursula von der Leyen:

“My aim is the United States of Europe…” she said in an interview with Der Spiegel

She is also pro the Iran deal, wants an EU army,


From the Express:

Brexit court battle: Brexiteer says UK has ALREADY left EU – ‘We’ll do everything to win!’

Also from the Express:

John Major ‘meltdown’ as Remainer orders Boris Johnson to court to stop no deal Brexit

From order-order:

Labour Officially Adopt Policy to Remain

From the Guardian:

Unions agree Labour should back remain in referendum on Tory deal


From the Express:

EU divided: Anger as Brussels hits out at Ireland and suspends millions in fishing aid


With less than a fortnight left in office (hopefully), Theresa May is trying to establish her legacy. From the Sun:

INJUST IN TIME Theresa May announces Office for Tackling injustice 12 days before she quits

From the Independent:

Sajid Javid accused of ‘shocking’ lack of action over review into ethnicity of grooming gangs

Boris came under fire from Migration Watch according to Breitbart:

Migration Watch Slams Boris Plan to Give Amnesty to Illegal Aliens: ‘Manna for Traffickers’


From the Daily Mail:

Labour civil war explodes as party braces for bombshell TV probe into anti-Semitism and John McDonnell tells Jeremy Corbyn to back a second referendum on Brexit


From the Express:

Lib Dems EU takeover: Remainers take top Brussels jobs – Brexit Party left empty-handed


Gerard Batten has been barred from re-standing for the party leadership according to order-order:

Gerard Batten Banned From Re-Standing As UKIP Leader

According to the above article the NEC have accused him of bringing the party into disrepute.


From the BBC (last week):

Telford CSE family faces threat of gunmen visit

From Sky News:

Girl, 11, critical after knife attack on family of four in north London


From the Daily Mail:

Killers, sex offenders and drug dealers will have their criminal records wiped clean to help them find jobs, Justice Secretary says

From the Telegraph:

Police force takes legal action over policy requiring new officers to have a degree


From the Express:

UK’s population growing FIVE times quicker than average EU countries, research shows

From the Daily Mail:

The Albanian drug gangs who flaunt their wealth online: London-based mafia use videos to recruit more footsoldiers to the UK as Lamborghini and Rolls Royce-driving rappers glorify kingpins ‘linked to cartels’

Also from the Daily Mail:

The Ugandan woman who says she is a lesbian and claimed asylum in the UK – but was deported after officials found her in bed with a man. Now YOU’RE set to pay for her fight to come back

From the Telegraph:

Judges rule that Romanian criminal cannot be deported under EU law

Iranian citizen smashes up NHS heart machine, will be deported, according to Wales Online:

Patient smashed up hospital’s vital heart machine leaving it irreparably damaged


From altnewsmedia.net:



From spiked-online:

The press must be free to criticise Islam


The Muslim Council of Britain’s new report on the media is highly questionable.

Afzal Khan expressed his delight about Manchester City Council’s adoption of the Islamophobia definition from the APPG For British Muslims:

I am delighted to hear that @ManCityCouncil has officially adopted the @APPGBritMuslims definition of #Islamophobia. #Manchester has always been proud of its diversity & this importance step will help root out discrimination and hate crime. @SirRichardLeese pic.twitter.com/nflnBXRHHD

— Afzal Khan MP (@Afzal4Gorton) July 10, 2019


A survey from British Social Attitudes apparently revealed that acceptance of same sex relationships had fallen for the first time in many years, with some mention of a possible factor that might be causing the change in attitudes. From the Daily Mail:

Acceptance of same-sex relationships in Britain DROPS for the first time since the height of the AIDS epidemic amid ‘marked divide’ between religious and non-religious people

Quote, apparently it was revealed that there is a:

‘marked divide between the attitudes of religious and non-religious people’.


The protests in Birmingham continued. From the Birmingham Mail:

Protest parents return to Parkfield School gates and say ‘it’s not ok to be gay’


“Our beliefs as Muslims come before any legislation.”

At the end of May Birmingham City Council were granted an injunction preventing further protests at a different school:

Live updates: Anderton School LGBT protest High Court hearing – new exclusion zone imposed

Katie Hopkins was on the scene interviewing Muslims and found some variety of opinions:

Muslim parents fight LGBT indoctrination in Primary Schools


From the Daily Mail:

Christian doctor who refused to call transgender women ‘she’ was sacked after saying he wouldn’t refer to ‘a 6ft tall bearded man’ as ‘madam’, tribunal hears


From the Express:

BBC backlash: Beeb facing legal challenge as viewers raise thousands to tackle ‘bias’

The BBC approves of some protests it seems, but others not so much. African migrants staged a “black vest” protest demanding the right to stay in France:

‘Black vest’ protesters storm Panthéon in Paris

As many mentioned on social media the BBC have frequently downplayed the much larger yellow vest protests:

BBC rush to tell us about #BlackVests protests which are in favour of illegal immigration. Meanwhile BBC remains mute on #GiletsJaunes protests which challenge Macron. Be under no illusion – the BBC is activist and partisan. https://t.co/NOBMVh9wkk

— David Vance (@DVATW) July 13, 2019


From order-order:

Isabel Oakeshott Suing The Guardian For Defamation

Jealous Carole Blames Russians For Oakeshott Diplomatic Leak


From the BBC (May):

Morrissey posters removed from Merseyrail stations


From the Daily Mail:

Eight elite Special Forces soldiers ‘fight off 100 ISIS jihadis during a six-hour fight to save an Afghan family whose car was blown up by a home-made bomb’

From the Express:

Jeremy Hunt reveals new treason law to imprison jihadist fighters and their supporters

From the Telegraph:

‘She’ll never know she had a mother who loved her’ – Yazidi women forced to abandon their babies born to Isil

From Vlad Tepes’s blog, a mysterious case that the police in the Netherlands are still working on apparently:

He shot up the train for allah, but they don’t know if it was terrorism

Of course it couldn’t possibly be anything to do with Islam, there must be another explanation …


From Jonathan Turley’s blog:

France Emerges As One Of The World’s Greatest Threats To Free Speech


From the Huffington Post:

Chicago Mayor Permanently Bans ICE From Accessing Police Databases Ahead Of Raids

ICE is the Immigration and Criminal Enforcement agency. Strange that a mayor should be interfering with the operation of a law enforcement agency.


From the BBC:

Jeffrey Epstein: Financier charged with sex trafficking minors

From the Daily Caller:

Court Documents: Trump Banned Epstein From Mar-A-Lago For Alleged Assault On Underage Girl

From Jonathan Turley’s blog:

Acosta Resigns Amid Mounting Questions Over Role In Epstein Scandal

Clinton Challenged On Denial Of Epstein Flights and Knowledge Of Crimes

Footage of the press conference with the President and Acosta:

President Trump holds presser outside the White House on the resignation of the secretary of Labour


Our contributor Jillian Becker again faced a Facebook suspension, of 7 days. This time it was apparently for printing an article by an atheist ex-Muslim Anjuli Pandavar:

Again we are censored and silenced


Anjuli Pandavar writes cogently and incisively: ‘I am an atheist. I think religion erodes our innate sense of ethics, and that faith can diminish our humanity. But I also accept that belief is a central component of the way many people’s heads work. The problem before us right now is Islam and I do not care if someone leaves Islam to become a Bible-basher or a Hari-Krishna chanter or an atheist. All I care about right now is that as many Muslims as possible leave Islam, that we support the victims of Islam, wherever they are in the world, and that we roll back jihad, by whatever means necessary. Muslims are already raping our daughters and we are already complicit in their deeds. The situation is dire. We are helpless in face of the jihad onslaught because we have abandoned ourselves …

Anjuli Pandavar had been in the news as she was kicked out of a blog called “Free Thought Blogs”. More information on the story from the preceeding article at the Atheist Conservative:

What have we allowed to happen to us?

Paul Joseph Watson made the following claim:

Facebook Issues New Policy Saying It’s Acceptable to Post Death Threats Against Me

Censorship is also increasing on Twitter. The company has announced an expansion of their policy:

Updating our rules against hateful conduct


we’re expanding our rules against hateful conduct to include language that dehumanizes others on the basis of religion

Possibly most concerning of all is this claim Project Veritas have publicized that Google is moving to de-monetize Breitbart:

LEAK: Googlers Petition “to end Google’s business with Breitbart,” One Thousand Employees Co-Signed

Alternative social media platform gab.com is being migrated to a new open source code base, with some disruption of service (temporary loss of features) which should hopefully not last long. The platform is now “de-centralized” apparently, hopefully this will make it much harder for the far-left activists to campaign to have it shut down.


From the American Thinker:

Socialism – Its Adherents and the Enduring Lies


“It is more important to be morally right than factually correct,” explained socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


From the Daily Mail:

Prince Charles gives the world 18 months to save humanity from climate change and keep global warming to ‘survivable’ levels


Finally on a more cheerful note, Dr. Jordan Peterson says he likes to follow a Twitter account called HumanProgress. Here is a tweet from them that might cheer up the climate change alarmists:

Amid all the talk of an imminent planetary catastrophe, another fact is often ignored: global greening is happening faster than global warming. https://t.co/n8KdfEPCJ0

— HumanProgress.org (@HumanProgress) July 8, 2019

Here is the direct link to the article:

Ridley: Rejoice, the Earth Is Becoming Greener

What’s more, new robots are being invented to harvest the greenery. Cambridge University have invented a robotic iceberg lettuce harvesting machine. From order-order:

Cambridge University Invents Vegetable-Harvesting Robot

Who is right? Prince Charles or Human Progress? Let us know in the comments below.

Note – Please remember this is not intended to be a comprehensive news round up, these are just the items that particularly caught our eye this week, and (where indicated) they are not always about recent events.

Note – Please note that we are dependent on the veracity of news reports provided by other news sources. It is not our intention to knowingly quote “Fake News” (except where stated as satire), but we do sometimes quote the BBC when other sources are unavailable.

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