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Friday Arts Feature - Elizabethan England

by Chauncey Tinker – 30 Aug 2019

Queen Elizabeth I (c.?1588)

The Elizabethan era in England is most remembered artistically for the literary works of William Shakespeare, but less mentioned today is the great music that was written in the period. Here is a short religious piece in Latin called Diliges Dominum by a famous composer of the era, William Byrd, who lived from around 1540 to 1623.

Byrd was a Roman Catholic but still found favour in Queen Elizabeth’s court. Along with another famous composer of the era, Thomas Tallis, he was granted a monopoly on the printing of music. His Catholicism got him into some trouble later in life however as he was associated with Lord Thomas Paget who was suspected of involvement in a Catholic attempt to depose Queen Elizabeth (the Throckmorton Plot).

English ships and the Spanish Armada, August 1588

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