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Friday Arts Feature - Ogive Number 1

by British Awakening – 16 Aug 2019

Image By Ramon Casas i Carbó - http://agaudi.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/satie_casas.jpg, Public Domain, Link

Classical music never really went away, many of the songs we listen to on the radio or stream over the web feature samples from old composers. Classical music purists may want to look away now – but I am a huge fan of the music of old composers being given a reboot into the charts and I hope, as my contribution to the Friday arts section of the Participator, I can convince you to take a second look at some older pieces that have been ‘pimped up’ by a contemporary musician.

The first piece on my list is Ogives Number 1 by Erik Satie (Éric Alfred Leslie Satie 17 May 1866 – 1 July 1925). Satie was an eccentric French composer and pianist whose work influenced later artistic movements such as minimalism. The mathematician in me has always been drawn to minimalism, I like the fractal quality of a simple phrase or shape repeating but slightly altering its form to build a larger structure that echoes the component. I am always struck by the thought which formed which – the structure or the component? As above so below.

Now a word of caution here – there have been a lot of quibbles about this piece as to whether it is Ogive Number 1 or Number 3, most references point to Number 1 so that is the number I will stick with. Irrespective of the number, the piece I want you to hear and enjoy is the reboot by William Orbit from the album Pieces in a Modern Style (1999), perhaps my favourite of all – helped I guess by me being a huge fan of William Orbit. For those of you unfamiliar with William Orbit he collaborated with Madonna on her 1998 hit ‘Ray of Light’.

Well I hope I have managed to convince you about classical music rebooted – but for the music purists here is the piece in its original form:

Have a good weekend everyone.

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