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Islamophobia Agenda Escalation?

by Chauncey Tinker – 8 Aug 2019

It’s been going on for quite some time now of course, but in the last few days it seems to me there have been even more news stories about Islam in the UK media than usual. Here are a few that I was thinking about:

From the Telegraph:

British Muslims should not feel forced to assimilate, says top counter terrorism officer

There have been some conflicting reports about the “Islamophobia inquiry” promised by the Conservative Party candidates (chiefly the Muslim chancellor Sajid Javid) in the recent leadership election debate. From the Guardian:

New Tory chair appears to renege on promise of Islamophobia inquiry

Stacey Dooley interviewed ISIS jihadi brides (video clip in this tweet):

WATCH: Stacey Dooley confront ISIS jihadi brides in a camp where Shamima Begum was found. The response is alarming claiming “we never committed beheadings and telling Stacey “do you deserve to live in Europe?” – The likes of Jo Swinson & Caroline Lucas support their return to UK pic.twitter.com/ociGbatDZt

— Political B (@p_beejal) August 4, 2019

Next came a fuss about the fact that she had referred to the index finger salute as an “IS salute”. From the Guardian:

BBC apologises after presenter calls Muslim prayer sign ‘IS salute’

According to the above article, Tell Mama the influential Muslim pressure group had demanded that the BBC acknowledge that the gesture is often used by Muslims in general as a sign of the monotheistic nature of the religion. They then used the incident to demand more “Muslim representation in media”. Quote:

“To reduce such a fundamental and important concept to a mere ‘IS salute’ is grossly wrong, ignorant, and damaging. This again demonstrates the importance of having Muslim representation in media, and more broadly, improving religious literacy.”

I think many of us non-Muslims had never seen the gesture used except in connection with the Islamic State before, so it was an easy “mistake” to make.

Also in the last few days we have seen articles (this one from the BBC) publicizing a campaign to get non-Muslim girls to “wear a hijab for a day”:

Lincolnshire non-Muslim girls asked to wear hijab for a day

Meanwhile in Iran they are locking up women for not wearing a hijab (we already shared this link in this week’s weekly news roundup):

Women taking photos of themselves without headscarves face 10-year prison sentence in Iran

Wouldn’t it be more appropriate right now to show solidarity with those women in Iran by NOT wearing a hijab, many people have been asking.

I dread to think how much of all this sort of thing we are going to get when Muslims are even 10 or 15 percent of the population. People need to stand up and protest against these pushy tactics right now or I fear the Islamophobia Agenda will be ratcheted up another notch, and before long we will see pressure for new laws to be enacted.

From Gates of Vienna:

Tory Leaders in Full Submission to Islam

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