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Talking Points - 5 August 2019

by The Participator – 5 Aug 2019


An important article has been published a couple of days ago at spiked-online, an interview with Robin Aitkin, a former BBC journalist:

‘The BBC is failing in its obligation to be fair’


What you’ve got in BBC newsrooms are clusters of very highly educated folk who take a virtually unanimous view of Brexit, which is that it’s a thoroughly bad thing and Britain should have voted to remain in the EU.

Mr Aitkin also gives his views on freedom of speech and Islamophobia among other subjects in the interview. He has published 3 books and says he is (and was during his time at the BBC) a conservative. Quote:

Admitting to being conservative was like having an unmentionable disease, like a nasty case of herpes.

The BBC domination of the public discourse is surely one of the biggest problems we have right now. Some of our own previous articles on the subject of BBC bias:

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The BBC was the recipient of soft loans and payments totalling 258 million euros in the 5 years to 2008.

From 2018:

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From 2017:

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What do you think, should we abolish the BBC?


In the weekly roundup we mentioned a couple of recent statements from prominent Labour Party figures (Peter Mandelson and Alastair Campbell) who are voicing opinions heavily critical of Jeremy Corbyn at the moment. is there a push for a Labour leadership election going on perhaps? This is the latest, from the Daily Mail:

Jeremy Corbyn is ‘a total disaster’ who ‘has people around him to do his shoelaces up’ says former Labour minister Alan Johnson

What do you think, are we about to see a shakeup of the two party state?


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