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Weekly Roundup Of News And Opinion - w/e 10 August

by The Participator – 11 Aug 2019

Our weekly roundup of news and opinion articles that we thought were important, mostly UK news but foreign news stories of interest to us as well. Please remember this is not intended to be a comprehensive news round up.


From the Express:

Boris tells EVERY civil servant to prepare for no deal – ‘Be in no doubt we’re leaving’

Project Fear seemed to be ratcheted up a notch or two this week. The BBC came in for a good deal of criticism on social media after this “interview” on Newsnight:

“Experts we’ve spoken to say that in a worst case scenario up to 45 thousand dairy cattle could be culled in the event of a no-deal Brexit.”

UK Correspondent @ElizabethGlinka says “culling is very real prospect” and could happen within weeks of the UK leaving the EU#newsnight pic.twitter.com/6ekTiU7GpS

— BBC Newsnight (@BBCNewsnight) August 7, 2019

The Ulster Farmers’ Union responded:

No-deal Brexit cattle cull ‘scare tactics’ – Ulster Farmers’ Union

Many commenters on social media were asking – which is it then, a shortage of food or too much food leading to culling?

Sky News also attempted to provoke panic:

Britain ‘may be unable to stop illegal EU fishing in no-deal Brexit’

The same senior police officer (Neil Basu) who made an astonishing announcement on Islamophobia this week also made an astonishing announcement on Brexit. From the Guardian:

Brexit: no deal would harm UK security, senior officer warns

Meanwhile back in the real world BMW announced plans for their electric car manufacture:

BMW to accelerate through Brexit crunch at electric Mini plant

Also from the Express:

Brexit news: How EU nations have been given 48 hours to prove they are ready for No Deal

Kate Hoey MP called for the Electoral Commission to be disbanded in the wake of the Darren Grimes verdict. From order-order:

Kate Hoey Calls for Electoral Commission to be Disbanded


From the Express:

New EU boss to rip-up cornerstone of EU – Von der Leyen wants Dublin reforms

She wants a “new way of dealing with migration” apparently, it doesn’t sound as though that will involve getting tougher on border security however. It sounds as if she just wants to share the burden of hosting new arrivals out among EU countries (which is unlikely to be popular in Italy or Hungary among some other countries).

One parody account reassured us that there is absolutely nothing to worry about with regard to this legislation, it is only being brought in to monitor the far-right, a necessary measure to thwart rising far-right extremism (said the parody account). From EU Observer:

EU may extend ‘passenger name records’ to rail and sea

From the Express:

Brexit Party MEP Claire Fox shocks BBC reporter as she reveals ‘gravy train’ EU allowances


The Brexit Party is announcing a lot more candidates:

Our first 150 candidates and constituencies have been announced. Same again next week. Whenever the election comes we will be ready to maximise the pressure to deliver a proper Brexit. pic.twitter.com/k1qlYadScZ

— Richard Tice (@TiceRichard) August 6, 2019

One of the Brexit Party’s founding members tweeted:

Sorry but this is supposed to be a Christian country .
Why shouldn’t people who come here be asked to assimilate ?https://t.co/hAba0OQcSV

— Catherine Blaiklock BP (@blaiklockBP) August 6, 2019


Richard Braine becomes the new UKIP leader:

I'm very honoured to become leader of #UKIP, the party which turned the world the right way up in 2016 & reasserted the principle of nationhood.

Thank you to UKIP's wonderful members, not just the heroes of UK Independence but Independent thinkers too.

Let's save the UK again.

— Richard Braine (@richardbraine) August 10, 2019


From ITV News:

Corbyn ‘will call no confidence vote in government at appropriate very early time’, as PM rules out poll

There may be a Communist revolution soon if this headline from the Telegraph is anything to go by:

John McDonnell threatens to march on palace and tell Queen: ‘We’re taking over’ if Boris Johnson loses no confidence vote


From the BBC:

Man charged after police officer stabbed in Leyton

Muhammed Rodwan, 56, from Luton, appeared before Thames Magistrates’ Court on Friday.

Leyton machete attack: PC Stuart Outten’s family ‘overwhelmed’

Another policeman was injured, this time in Birmingham. From the Express:

Birmingham policeman seriously injured after ‘car thief’ mows him down in own patrol car

From Breitbart:

Birmingham: Machete Attack, Drive-by Shooting in Two Nights of Violence

From the Daily Mail:

Gang warfare erupts in Birmingham: BMW smashes into a garden after car chase and its two inhabitants are shot and hacked with a machete in front of stunned children – a day after man, 20, was killed in drive-by

The #Khanage continues in London. From My London:

10 stabbings, a murder and boy, 6, fighting for his life in bloody weekend on London’s streets

From the Daily Mail:

‘Oh my God, the boy dropped’: Terrified mother reveals how she fled with her daughter when teen, 17, ‘threw boy, six, from 200ft-high Tate Modern viewing platform’ – as victim remains ‘critical’

Also from the Daily Mail:

Asylum seeker, 30, with 18 convictions and a history of violent crime is fighting to stay in the UK after claiming his human rights would be breached if he’s sent back to Somalia

From Breitbart:

Somali Migrant Gets Right to Stay in UK Despite 33 Convictions, Jailed for Drug Dealing Within Weeks

From the Telegraph:

Albanian crime gangs using Facebook to counter immigration raids and smuggle illegal immigrants into Britain

A moped gang in action:

Shocking footage has now been released of a moped gang ATTACK in Essex with sledgehammers etc.

With all the images of rainbow flag painted & dancing Police are you confident they are tough enough to take on this scourge?

Retweet & Follow @UnityNewsNet pic.twitter.com/C0KcH9Xvxl

— Unity News Network (UNN) (@UnityNewsNet) August 6, 2019

From Vote Watch:

ROTHERHAM Council Tell Grooming Gang Victims To Add Rapist’s Names To Birth Certificates So They ‘Have Parental Rights’


From LBC:

The Lincolnshire Police Commissioner has been forced to defend the senior officer in charge of the police operation in Whaley Bridge after criticism of her hair. @ShelaghFogarty asks: is criticism of her hair just an attempt to diminish a woman in authority? pic.twitter.com/dhImDDgXCG

— LBC (@LBC) August 7, 2019

There were quite a few responses to that, as you can see in the above link to the tweet.

There were also quite a few negative reactions to a tweet from another police force:

Keep an eye out (you can't miss it!) for the @SurreyPolice Pride car as it tours the county in the build up to 1st ever #PrideInSurrey on Saturday.

PCC @DavidJMunro checked out the electric Jaguar F Pace as it set off from Force HQ earlier @SurreyBeatLGBT @PrideInSurrey pic.twitter.com/J8jHzA9NJ4

— Surrey PCC (@SurreyPCC) August 8, 2019


Rod Liddle produced quite an entertaining video on the subjects of state surveillance and petty council rules:

Rod Liddle’s Got Issues: Council monkeys


From Sky News:

Thirty migrants rescued off Kent coast as migrants attempt crossings around Europe

From the Daily Mail:

Revealed: Albanian double murderer was TWICE allowed to sneak into Britain and live here for years due to ‘shocking’ immigration failings

We were reminded of a story from the Evening Standard from 2017:

How London’s knife culture is being fueled by jargon, social media and music

It might seem as if the above article belongs in the crime wave section, but we noticed this quote:

“In the last 10 years, since the Somalis and the Congolese came to London, they taught us a whole new level of violence,”


From the Guardian:

Record number of NHS A&E patients wait over four hours on trolleys


A major power cut in London prompted much speculation on social media about the causes. From Breitbart:

UK Energy Firm Says Power Cut Was Not Caused by Cyberattack


We had a dedicated post on the subject this week:

Islamophobia Agenda Escalation?

Delingpole at Breitbart had some scathing criticisms to make of Neil Basu’s statement:

Delingpole: Top UK Cop Who Said ‘Muslims Shouldn’t Assimilate’ Is Stupid and Wrong

Since then we had another news item on the subject. From inews:

Police chiefs call on Boris Johnson to adopt widely recognised definition of Islamophobia

Sadiq Khan, the Muslim Mayor of London praised the police chiefs:

Reassuring British Muslims about their safety requires us to relentlessly root out Islamophobia and anti-Muslim abuse. Good to see police chiefs back calls for the Government to adopt the all-party parliamentary group definition of Islamophobia. https://t.co/QhJLelxbc1

— Sadiq Khan (@SadiqKhan) August 7, 2019

Left-leaning site Harry’s Place drew our attention to a program on BBC Radio 4 about Islamophobia:

Radio 4’s ‘Sunday’ on Islamophobia

According to the above article, the two guests on the Radio 4 were Khalil Yousuf who is apparently an Ahmadi, and Miqdaad Versi from the Muslim Council of Britain. Nobody was there to represent the “Islamophobic” point of view then it seems.


From the Telegraph:

Removal of British Isil fighters’ citizenship backed in first high court judgement


From the Telegraph:

Norwich Cathedral accused of ‘treating God like a tourist attraction’ after installing helter skelter

This story comes soon after another cathedral had a miniature golf course installed (from the Telegraph last week):

Putting a mini-golf course in a cathedral is an act of desecration


From Based Poland (video clip in this tweet shows a man in drag teaching 5 year olds how to twerk, the parents present seem amused by his performance):

After posting a video from yesterday's protest against the Gay Pride Parade in #Plock Poland, people ask me why I'm against such parades

Because I've seen how it started in the West (with the parades)

Now, Drag Queens teach 5 y olds how to twerk in libraries

Video from London! pic.twitter.com/HZAUUxunNd

— BasedPoland (@BasedPoland) August 11, 2019


From Breitbart:

Italy Heading to Elections as Populist, Border Control Salvini Prepares to go it Alone Without Coalition


From Breitbart:

Salvini Victory: NGO Ship Gives Up on Landing Migrants in Italy, Heads to Malta


There is a video clip with subtitles but also thankfully a transcript. From Gates of Vienna:

Saarlouis: The Wild West of Modern Multicultural Germany


“We’re capitulating to aggressive youth gangs.”
That’s the shocking statement by Mayor Peter Demmer in the small town of Saarlouis, Germany. He says he is powerless against the marauding youth gangs in his city …


From Breitbart:

Second Explosion in Danish Capital Damages Police Station

Apparently it was the second in the city in four days.


From the Times:

Turkey ‘driving out Syrians’ as economic crisis deepens


From Jihad Watch:

Nigeria: Genocide of Christians by jihadists becoming “a major global security concern”


“It’s tough to tell Nigerian Christians this isn’t a religious conflict since what they see are Fulani fighters clad entirely in black, chanting ‘Allahu Akbar!’ and screaming ‘Death to Christians!’

From Breitbart:

Report: Genocide of Nigeria’s Christians a ‘Global Security Nightmare’


From the Gatestone Institute:

Pakistan: Abduction, Forced Conversion of Non-Muslim Girls


From the Telegraph:

Fears of violence as India ends Kashmir autonomy after seven decades


From the Telegraph, news that the UK Foreign Secretary has urged dialogue in the crisis:

Foreign Secretary urges Hong Kong dialogue in call to Beijing-backed leader Carrie Lam as crisis escalates

Vlad Tepes’s blog has accumulated some footage from the protests here:

Mob with oddly uniform sticks attack protestors in Hong Kong


From Breitbart:

Former Warden: ‘Shocking’ for Jeffrey Epstein To Be Taken off Suicide Watch

FBI Investigating Epstein’s Death in Manhattan Jail Cell

Predictably this has led to a storm of speculation about whether he had been murdered, others were even suggesting that he wasn’t actually dead at all.


Rosanna Arquette the Hollywood star signalled her virtue this week. From Breitbart:

Rosanna Arquette: ‘I’m Sorry I Was Born White and Privileged. It Disgusts Me’


From Breitbart, news that a multi-billion dollar lawsuit has been cleared to proceed by federal appeals judges:

Facebook Facial Recognition Lawsuit Moves Forward

The claim is that the company broke the Illinois state’s Biometric Information Privacy Act by using facial recognition technology to recognize people in photographs posted at the site.


From Breitbart, a story about a curriculum in California:

Ethnic Studies Curriculum Will Teach Children Capitalism Equal to ‘Racism’ and ‘Oppression’


Finally something to cheer us up after that lot, Islamicat makes a daring escape (short video clip in this tweet):

The barbaric ICE Gestapo try to deport Islamicat, but they will never succeed, insha'Allah pic.twitter.com/SOrgC5VMdV

— Islamicat (@_Islamicat) August 8, 2019

Note – Please note that we are dependent on the veracity of news reports provided by other news sources. It is not our intention to knowingly quote “Fake News” (except where stated as satire), but we do sometimes quote the BBC when other sources are unavailable.

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