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Weekly Roundup Of News And Opinion - w/e 14 September

by The Participator – 15 Sep 2019

An electric tank

Our weekly roundup of news and opinion articles that we thought were important, mostly UK news but foreign news stories of interest to us as well. Please remember this is not intended to be a comprehensive news round up.


From the Express:

Tommy Robinson released from prison after nine weeks in Belmarsh

From Breitbart:

Exclusive — Delingpole: A Visit to Tommy Robinson in Belmarsh Maximum Security Prison


From the Telegraph:

Brexiteers fear Boris Johnson ‘sell out’ over ‘May 2.0’ Brexit deal

Boris Johnson to meet Jean-Claude Juncker as DUP sources signal softening Brexit position

The European Reform Group might not back a renegotiated deal however. From the Express:

Brexit LIVE: Rees-Mogg poised to withdraw support from Boris Johnson – PM on the brink

The Brexit Party are also holding out for no-deal:

Brexit LIVE: Farage names price for backing Boris in election pact – PM given ultimatum


“But for this to happen, Boris must back a clean-break Brexit. If he tries to recycle the rotten Withdrawal Agreement we are ready to stand in every seat.”

From the BBC:

Yellowhammer: No deal Brexit papers revealed by photo

The prorogation of Parliament began, the MPs will be back on October 14th. From the BBC:

Brexit: Protests as five-week Parliament suspension begins

An option that Boris would have would be to resign before October 18th rather than send the letter to extend the Article 50 process yet again. From the UK Constitutional Law Association:

Robert Craig: What Could Happen Next If the Government Resigns Rather than Send the Letter to the EU?

Domnic Raab stated in an interview on Sky News that Boris would NOT be requesting an extension from the EU. From order-order:

Raab: We Will Find a Loophole in the Surrender Bill

However, Boris seemed to be hinting that he would send the extension letter rather than relinquish power. From the Times:

Boris Johnson in retreat over delay to Brexit

Legal challenges continued this week. From the Telegraph:

The Scottish court prorogation ruling shows the anti-Brexit Establishment is hard at work

From Breitbart:

Northern Ireland court throws out Brexit challenge

From Breitbart:

Police Drop Leave.EU Probe, Arron Banks Swings at Electoral Commission, ‘Witch-Hunt’ Remain MPs

From Breitbart:

Delingpole: Poison Dwarf Speaker Bercow Jumps Before He Is Pushed

Harriet Harman is going to run for the role of Speaker once it is vacant apparently, a move which provoked outrage on social media. From the BBC:

Labour’s Harriet Harman to run for Commons Speaker

A call for a general election was again voted down. From the Express:

Boris Johnson’s snap general election vote slapped down by MPs by 293 votes to 46

From order-order:

UK Agrees Post-Brexit Trade Deals With Six More Countries


From the Daily Mail:

Theresa May leads fight to reinstate Remainer rebels as she emerges as the leading critic of Boris Johnson’s ‘brutal’ decision to purge 21 Tories

From the Telegraph:

Theresa May’s absurd honours list shows the decay at the heart of our Establishment

From the Express:

Theresa May angers Leave voters by handing her EU negotiator Olly Robbins a knighthood

Sam Gyimah defected to the Liberal Democrats. From the Express:

Tory rebellion: Remainer Sam Gyimah defects to Lib Dems after being stripped of whip


Former miners’ leader Arthur Scargill is apparently a Brexit supporter and he has criticized Jeremy Corbyn’s u-turn on the EU. From order-order:

Scargill Calls for the Left to Oppose Remain MPs

A former Labour MP criticized Corbyn’s leadership. From the Express:

‘Cannot be trusted!’ Jeremy Corbyn torn apart by former Labour MP for ‘poisoning party’


From order-order:

Lib Dems Applaud Call for EU to Become an Empire


From Breitbart:

Top Anti-Terror Chief Blames Press Coverage for ‘Exacerbating’ Terrorism


A 17-year old boy lost his life in London. From the Telegraph:

Teenager stabbed to death in central London

A Somalian national was hacked to death in Camden Town. From the Express:

London crimewave: Horror as man hacked to death by machetes gang

Another machete brawl in Croydon, London (video clip in this tweet):

WATCH | Thugs brawl with machetes and baseball bats on the streets of Croydon. Yet more violence and chaos unleashed in London on @SadiqKhan's watch – the streets of our capital are no longer safe for decent, civilised people with this man in charge!https://t.co/ntwXbJeHQw pic.twitter.com/RP7fwbQm8J

— Leave.EU (@LeaveEUOfficial) September 11, 2019

The same story from the Express:

Carnage erupts on London streets in violent daylight brawl – using bats, poles and knives


Another indication that, despite the tough talk from Priti Patel, Boris Johnson’s government will be soft on immigration. From the BBC:

Immigration status: Ministers reverse May-era student visa rules


International students will be allowed to stay in the UK for two years after graduation to find a job, under new proposals announced by the Home Office.

From the Daily Mail:

‘Get to Britain before Brexit’: 21 MORE migrants are caught trying to cross Channel in tiny dinghys a day after record 93 made the journey as people smugglers tell them border will close after UK leaves the EU

They were “intercepted” (i.e. ferried to the UK by the coastguard) apparently.

From the BBC:

Channel migrants: Rise in crossings driven by Brexit ‘fake news’


From the Telegraph:

Army combat vehicles could be electric in three years

Also from the Telegraph:

Army could phase out fossil fuels to attract ecofriendly recruits, senior general says


From the Telegraph:

Scrap NHS charges for pregnant illegal immigrants, says Royal College of Midwives


From the Telegraph:

Fireman Sam axed as fire service mascot ‘because he is not inclusive enough’

You may recall that David Jones, the author of Fireman Sam, was detained at an airport for the crime of wrong-think in 2012. From the Daily Mail:

‘What would happen if I had a scarf over my face?’: Nightmare of Fireman Sam creator branded a racist over quip to airport security


Last week we had Trousergate, this week it’s Toiletgate. From the Express:

Parents outraged as London primary school makes its toilets unisex – ‘Not fair on kids’


From the Telegraph:

New Islamophobia definition shuts down criticism of radical Islam, female imam says


From Breitbart:

Leftists Attack EU Commissioner Role for ‘Protecting Our European Way of Life’

From Deutsche Welle:

EU post to ‘protect European way of life’ called ‘disgusting,’ ‘reprehensible’

From the Express:

Macron seizes control of EU: Paris handed power over Brussels defence AND single market


From Breitbart:

France: Murder and Attempted Murder up 79 Per Cent in 10 Years

From the Spectator:

The French city zones where police rarely escape unscathed


The Yellow Vest protests seem to have dwindled, but they are still continuining:

Today was the 44th consecutive Saturday with #GiletsJaunes #YellowVest protests against #Macron across #France

This vid was recorded in #Paris today

I'm glad to see the protesters carry French flags & the Holy Cross

Will mainstream media ignore the 1 year anniversary too??? pic.twitter.com/dKkZyc0NYz

— BasedPoland (@BasedPoland) September 14, 2019


From the Express:

Pakistan-India crisis: Khan sends war warning to Modi – ‘You are fuelling extremism’


“People will rise against India, and it is not just about Indian Muslims, there are 1.25 billion Muslims around the world. They all are watching this.”


From the Telegraph:

Trump cancels peace talks with Afghan and Taliban leaders after bomb attack in Kabul

From Jihad Watch (last week):

Afghanistan: Muslims murder provincial human rights chief

Analysis from the Gatestone Institute:

The U.S.-Taliban Negotiations: A Deadly Qatari Trap


President Trump appears to have fallen out with his outspoken national security adviser. From the Atheist Conservative:

The man who got it right – has gone

Some choice quotes:

Reform of the Security Council?

If I were redoing the Security Council, I’d have one permanent member … the United States.’

International law in general?

It is a big mistake for us to grant any validity to international law.’


Jonathan Turley commented on the growing polarization of society in the US:

Terror Nation: How Millions Are Being Declared Terrorists For Their Political Views


From Breitbart:

Federal Judge: Facebook’s View on Privacy Is ‘So Wrong’


From the Washington Times (via Middle East Forum):

How China Disrupts the Middle East


Jihadicat has apparently been training sheep to rebel against their harsh orthodog rulers:

Cowardly Orthodog fears our latest intra-species recruit, the mighty Is-lamb pic.twitter.com/7Xeil42lPG

— Islamicat (@_Islamicat) September 7, 2019

Note – Please note that we are dependent on the veracity of news reports provided by other news sources. It is not our intention to knowingly quote “Fake News” (except where stated as satire), but we do sometimes quote the BBC when other sources are unavailable.

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