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Christmas elections - time for the NHS pantomime

by British Awakening – 19 Nov 2019

To summarise my thoughts on the NHS I firmly support universal healthcare provision by the state, I just think the NHS is the worst method in the world of providing it. Spain and the Netherlands both have far superior systems, yet here we are again in yet another General Election where no politician dare speak this heresy. Imagine that – a state funded healthcare system that can bully politicians into silence, yep that’s where we are and any sensible discussion on the topic will be prevented because we live in a political duopoly, which means:

  1. The Tories are too scared to mention the system needs reform so instead throw money at a bottomless money pit to neutralise Labour.
  2. Labour will weaponise the NHS in order to threaten voters that the Tories want to privatise healthcare and have secret plans to introduce cuts by shooting anyone that has so much as a bad tummy.

This stupid pantomime gets played out every few years and even manages to infect the other political parties that do not form part of the duopoly, at a time when I do think people are open to listening to alternative methods of providing universal healthcare. The Tory response to the NHS is fairly predictable, after all they have a long track record of forming governments so it makes sense to neutralise a predictable avenue of attack from the Labour party. Cynical as the Tory approach is I would argue it is nowhere near as cynical as the way the NHS seems to operate as a tax payer funded branch of the Labour party. As I write this blog support for the Labour party seems to be about 25%, so if you think about it 75% of NHS patients and the people that pay taxes to fund it do not vote Labour. Let that sink in.

We have all become so used to the control the Labour party has over the NHS that we all too often forget to ask why we have allowed one political party to have complete control of an organ of state. Why do we find this acceptable? I don’t. It’s for the same reason I don’t think it would be a great idea to allow Sinn Fein complete control of the nation’s nuclear deterrent.


Yet it is so blatant, I know of no organisation that would allow its employees to use its name and corporate branding as a platform to campaign for one political party. Most of us would reasonably expect to be on the wrong end of a disciplinary if we did that. Yet here we are, Twitter is awash with grandstanding NHS employees pushing their propaganda, which generally runs along the lines of ‘trust me I’m a Doctor, the Tories are evil’ or ‘It’s my duty as an NHS manager to tell you we only have 24 hours/days/weeks to save the NHS from the evil Tor-rees’. Even the BBC joins in with interviews with desperate Doctors gushing about how our casualty departments resemble the aftermath of an American Civil War battle thanks to the Tories, and our idiot journalists seem remarkably unwilling to ask if they are speaking in an official capacity.

Am I the only one totally fed up with evangelising angels from the NHS constantly bashing me round the head with their non-existent halos? Why does the NHS tolerate political activists using their name in this way – and why don’t the rest of us (who don’t support Labour) tell them to shut up and do something useful for a change – you know like doing something about the NHS’s appalling cancer survival rates? I suspect the reason is that they, like the rest of us, have been conditioned into accepting a politicised NHS and this will only change when we start to challenge it and remind them, most of us would actually prefer you to do your job and, like the rest of us, keep your politics out of the workplace.

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