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Weekly Roundup Of News And Opinion - w/e 16 November

by The Participator – 17 Nov 2019

Our weekly roundup of news and opinion articles that we thought were important, mostly UK news but foreign news stories of interest to us as well. Please remember this is not intended to be a comprehensive news round up.


Less than a month to go now before the UK’s next General Election. Apparently the Metropolitan Police are assessing whether to investigate No. 10 Downing Street on claims from the Brexit Party about offers of peerages. From the BBC:

General election 2019: Police ‘assessing’ call for peerage claim probe

It seems as if the Brexit Party will not be standing candidates in many constituencies. From the Express:

Can you vote for Brexit Party? See where 274 candidates will be standing – list in full

From order-order:

Full List of Non-Tory-Held Seats the Brexit Party Aren’t Standing In

Nigel Farage writing at the Telegraph:

I have no great love for the Tories, but by giving Boris Johnson a chance we will stop a second referendum


Since parliament is now suspended for the election campaign, there is not much news on Brexit this week.


Veterans for Britain drew our attention to a project involving the European Commission:

Another bizarre EU acronym is iMUGS. This is the EU’s robot tank project, developed via the ‘Pesco’ programme which integrates EU member states’ military capabilities. UK media refuse to talk about this or any other Pesco project. pic.twitter.com/npoJDjiYyi

— Veterans for Britain (@VeteransBritain) November 15, 2019

Here’s some more information about it from from Unmanned Systems Technology:

Multi-Mission Unmanned Ground System Under Development

There is a page about PESCO at Wikipedia:

Permanent Structured Cooperation


From order-order:

The Momentum Campaign Guide to Avoiding Difficult Questions

The above article links to this pdf:

How to respond on the doorstep to claims of Labour antisemitism

Labour candidate Jane Aitchison celebrated Margaret Thatcher’s death and described the Tories as “lower than vermin”. From order-order (video clip of the outbursts included in this article):

Labour’s ‘Twelve Second Silence Interview’ Candidate Celebrated Thatcher’s Death


From the Daily Mail:

We WILL reduce unskilled immigration because it is ‘very high’ and putting a ‘strain’ on public services while holding down wages, says Boris Johnson

From Breitbart:

Dozens of Illegal Boat Migrants Brought Ashore over Weekend

From the Sun:

EUR KIDDING Algerian crook with 28 convictions can’t be deported as he married a French woman – even thought they split 14 years ago

According to the article he has also been jailed 21 times.

From the Daily Mail:

Romanian double killer, 48, who spent more than HALF his life behind bars for horrific acts of violence came to UK and murdered his THIRD male victim three weeks after jail release at home

A Welsh nationalist wants open borders apparently:

Welsh Separatist Leader: Wales Should Be Turned Into ‘Nation of Sanctuary’ for Refugees


Self-styled “fact-checking” website FullFact posted this in 2017:

Are there more doctors in the NHS than in 2010?

They say the claim that there was a 12% increase in doctors in the period from 2010 to 2017 is (roughly) correct.

From the Daily Mail:

Family doctor, 44, keeps his job despite being caught trying to groom ’13-year-old girl’ who was really an undercover detective probing paedophiles online


From the Daily Mail:

‘Nick’ cop who’s followed his boss to three top jobs: National Crime Agency chief is under fire after appointing police officer behind shambolic VIP child abuse inquiry as her deputy


Tommy Robinson is back in court again, and facing a large legal bill:

Tommy Robinson: In court over “racist” schoolyard dispute involving Syrian refugee boy | Ezra Levant


The BBC’s Andrew Marr pressured Sajid Javid regarding an inquiry specifically into Islamophobia in the Conservative Party, but Javid responded with a promise that there will be a general inquiry into “all types of prejudice”:

Tories to Start Prejudice Inquiry This Year

From Holyrood:

New media guidelines designed to tackle Islamophobia


The document has been produced by the Scottish Parliament’s Cross-Party Group (CPG) on Tackling Islamophobia in conjunction with Newcastle University and the National Union of Journalists

This seems to be a direct link to the committee’s web page:

Tackling Islamophobia

This seems to be their Twitter account:

Cross Party Group on Tackling Islamophobia

An article by Anas Sarwar MSP writing at The Scotsman (from last week) described it as a “world-leading” step:

Scotland takes world-leading step to tackle Islamophobia – Anas Sarwar MSP


Poorly researched articles, negative comments about Islam, or unconscious bias from writers have led to a considerable distrust of the media within the Muslim community.

Still in Scotland, it turns out that a man who heckled Corbyn recently was a church minister and he has been suspended apparently pending an investigation of “Islamophobic” tweets that he posted. From the BBC:

Church minister who heckled Corbyn suspended over tweets


He also shared a series of controversial views on Islam, describing terrorism as “a problem Islam needs to deal with”, a full face veil as “oppressive and unBritish” and the Prophet Muhammad as “a violent man”.


The age old tradition of freedom of speech at Speakers’ Corner is being further eroded. From the Daily Mail:

Christian banned from displaying banner proclaiming his beliefs in Speaker’s Corner row vows to take his challenge to court


From the Daily Mail:

Researcher who lost her job over ‘transphobic’ comments on a blog is expected to tell employment tribunal she believes it is a ‘biological fact’ that men cannot become women

We hope you feel comfortable in John Lewis stores ladies:

John Lewis in gender-neutral row after telling customers to use whichever fitting room ‘makes them feel most comfortable’

On a lighter note, South Park made fun of the recent trend of transgender “women” competing in sporting events:

South Park – Macho Ma’am Randy Savage


From Vlad Tepes’s blog:

First Anniversary of Yellow Vest Protests in France

Not all of the protestors in France are protesting for the same causes however, and not all of them wear yellow vests (despite the title of this next article). From the Daily Mail:

The gilets jaunes are back: Rioters smash banks and upmarket shops as thousands take to Paris streets on first anniversary of France’s Yellow Vest movement


Spain is still in political deadlock. From the Express:

Spain election: Far-right Vox double number of seats as Pedro Sánchez’ gamble backfires

From Breitbart:

Build a Wall: Spanish Populists Pledge ‘Impassable’ Barrier to Stop African Illegals


It’s normal to hear about such protests in France, but this week we heard about a farmers’ protest in Germany (apparently against environmental laws):

4.000 Landwirte protestieren heute in #Hamburg bei der #umkhh2019. Die #Treckerdemo sorgt für erhebliche Verkehrsbehinderungen. pic.twitter.com/rz3iIY3Cd0

— ZDF Hamburg (@ZDFhamburg) November 14, 2019


From Breitbart:

Turkey’s Islamist President Makes Fresh Threat to Flood Europe with Migrants


James Le Mesurier, the British founder of the White Helmets, appears to have died in Istanbul after a balcony fall. From the EU Observer:

James Le Mesurier, White Helmets co-founder, discovered dead in Turkey


From Jihad Watch:

Ethiopia: Muslim leader calls for beheading of Christians, then two pastors beheaded

From Gatestone Institute:

Algeria: Persecution of Christians Continues Unbroken

A Sky News team went into a jihadi camp full of Islamic State followers, they interviewed some of the jihadis and their families:

We’re going to slaughter you’: The children of Syria’s IS camp

The journalist Mark Stone asks a female about all the atrocities and is told that it’s in the Koran:

Journalist: You treated others like animals, Daesh cut people’s heads off, they burnt people alive …

Female jihadi: (shrugs) This is in the Koran

Clearly he doesn’t believe her however:

The gesture is genuinely Islamic, the oneness of God, but here in Al Hol it’s been warped and twisted. ISIS is rising again.


From Jihad Watch:

An Arab Analysis of Israel’s Scientific Progress


From the Express:

Bolivian President RESIGNS amid unrest over electoral fraud claims

In October, Jeremy Corbyn congratulated Evo Morales:

Congratulations to @evoespueblo on his re-election as Bolivia's President.

Evo Morales and his movement have secured indigenous peoples' rights, halved extreme poverty and presided over impressive economic growth.

— Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn) October 27, 2019


From the Times:

Police shoot Hong Kong protester, 21


Apparently the Russians have been training Beluga whales to play rugby (or something anyway) (video clip in this tweet):

Goals: Playing fetch with a beluga whale pic.twitter.com/OfZOhHSAMj

— Sofía Martínez-Villalpando (@sofiabiologista) November 7, 2019

Note – Please note that we are dependent on the veracity of news reports provided by other news sources. It is not our intention to knowingly quote “Fake News” (except where stated as satire), but we do sometimes quote the BBC when other sources are unavailable.

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