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One Law For Them, Another For Us

by Chauncey Tinker – 19 Dec 2019

The assaults on both our freedom of speech and the principle of equality before the law are continuing. In 2016 I wrote a post about a cleaner who was sentenced to a 12 month community order, according to news reports the charge was that he was in contravention of the Communications Act 2003 by merely commenting on a Facebook page:

“Don’t come over to this country and treat it like your own. Britain first.”

Last week, according to the Business Insider, the Prime Minister has himself voiced a very similar opinion:

Boris Johnson says he will stop immigrants from treating Britain ‘as their own country’

“You’ve seen quite a large number of people coming in from the whole of the EU — 580 million population — able to treat the UK as though it’s basically part of their own country, and the problem with that is there has been no control at all and I don’t think that is democratically accountable,”

Such unequal application of this law is surely a matter of grave concern. I have argued repeatedly in the past that this law should be abolished, as the law criminalizes merely “grossly offensive” speech, a term that is entirely subjective and therefore which simply invites irregular application, but so far my efforts have been in vain. Perhaps we should call for the Prime Minister’s arrest now to make our point?

Also this week, we hear that the protestor Amy (who has been involved in many important protests for the cause of free speech and for equal application of the law), has been sentenced to a 28 day prison sentence!!! Her “crime” was merely to accuse Anna Soubry of being a traitor, yet it was claimed that she left Soubry afraid to travel alone in public (despite the fact that Amy walks around with a stick and Soubry is comparatively able-bodied). From the Evening Standard:

Brexit activist who left Anna Soubry afraid to travel alone in public jailed for harassment

Kate Hoey commented on the case (there is some footage of one of the incidents in the video clip in this tweet):

If this is all she said or did a prison sentence seems ridiculous. I was called much worse as a Brexiteer. https://t.co/8vqNDBUx3O

— Kate Hoey (@CatharineHoey) December 16, 2019

If this is a crime then surely David Lammy must also be guilty of the same offence for this very similar outburst:

David Lammy says comparing ERG to Nazis ‘not strong enough’

Among many on the far-left, referring to people as Nazis has become akin to a coded incitement to commit acts of violence against them. Sentiments such as “Kill all Tories” and “Punch a Nazi” have become a regular feature at far-left demonstrations.

These incidents are also coming in the wake of the recent arrest of Fahrenheit211 (who has contributed an article here), where the same Communication Act was also apparently mentioned, although the exact justification for the arrest is not even clear. You can hear Fahrenheit211’s account of his arrest, describing how the police broke down his door when he refused to come out to talk about some satirical memes that he made which mocked the Mayor of Londonistan, Sadiq Khan:

The hidden story on the arrest of blogger Fahrenheit211

The prosecution is the punishment in such arrests, as is pointed out in the interview. Incidentally the above article links to another article that claims that the policeman who led the arrest was formerly an imam.


Since Boris Johnson has been the Prime Minister for quite a little while now, and his party has been in power for nearly a decade, it almost seems as if there is no desire in today’s Conservative Party to defend our freedom of speech and maintain the principle of equality before the law. Is this government going to turn out to be another Conservative In Name Only government, like the previous one led by Theresa May, or will Boris act and abolish the Communications Act 2003? He also urgently needs to abolish the Racial and Religious Hatred Act which is another extremely divisive law that panders to the peddlers of identity politics.


From 2016, my post about the cleaner who was sentenced to the 12 month community order:

Its NO LONGER A Free Country

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