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Fair Cop Challenges Political Correctness

by Chauncey Tinker – 22 Jan 2020

Harry the Owl is no more. Apparently Harry the Owl was a social media persona created by a former policeman called Harry Miller. Harry the Owl’s demise came after the police contacted Harry Miller to “check his thinking”. Harry is interviewed here on the Youtube channel Triggernometry about the incident and his subsequent campaign against politically "correct" policing (1 hour long interview):

The Police Told Me to “Check My Thinking” for a Tweet

It’s a very entertaining conversation, for example Harry recounts an incident where Humberside Police were bombarded on Twitter with limericks after they complained about a short humourous poem.

However a number of very serious issues are being raised here. He says that although his own tweeting was logged as a hate “incident” (as opposed to a hate CRIME, i.e. it was supposedly NOT a crime), it was nonethless logged as a crime under a category of “crime non-crime” (an Orwellian concept if ever we came across one). He challenged this categorization and asked whether the record would show up on what is called a DBS security check (DBS stands for Disclosure and Barring Service), which is conducted when people are being vetted for certain employment positions, and the police replied that “it might”.

He has launched a campaign called “Fair Cop”, a quote from the website:

Review follows Fair Cop campaign to defend freedom of expression enshrined in the ECHR

London, 6 August 2019 The High Court has granted permission for a businessman and former police officer to challenge the National College of Policing’s guidance on "hate incidents" against transgender people.

He asserts that police policy has bypassed the legislative process, that “laws by the back door” have been created, a process that he describes as a “policy spiral”.

We have to keep repeating these things, over and over again:

George Orwell’s book “1984” was not supposed to be an instruction manual!

This is an article at the Fair Cop website on the campaign (they have a crowd fund if you want to contribute):

High Court grants judicial review into trans "hate crimes" guidance

This is the Twitter account for the campign if you want to follow:


Another extract from the website:

Have you been contacted by the police for expressing criticism of transgender activism?

Get in touch with us here.

I think that Fair Cop is #BraveAndStunning !


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UK Citizens Need Protection From Selective Enforcement Of The Law

The Limits Of Freedom Of Speech


From the UK Government:

Disclosure and Barring Service

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