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Have You Heard The One About Rachel Riley?

by Chauncey Tinker – 30 Jan 2020

Back in the days before the “woke” mob started to stomp their jack-boots all over our freedom of speech, dumb blonde jokes used to be quite the staple of British humour. Consequently, being a bit “old-school” myself, when blonde TV personality Rachel Riley did a dumb thing, my first thought was to try and turn the situation into a dumb blonde joke. Up until now though, few people would have thought of Rachel Riley as a “dumb” blonde, her TV persona is that of a very intelligent Oxford graduate who is super-clever at Maths (this may be a myth in reality but more on that later).

More recently Rachel has become known as a campaigner against anti-semitism. She has been a vocal critic of Jeremy Corbyn, in one incident she wore a T-shirt that sported the phrase:

“Jeremy Corbyn is a racist endeavour”

Such activities had won her many fans on the right of British politics. However she has also campaigned against websites that have been accused of publishing “fake news”. The campaign was titled:

Stop Funding Fake News

The campaign’s victims find that their revenue is cut off when SFFN complain to advertisers whose advertisements appear on their sites. The Breitbart website has been one such target of the group.

That wasn’t the only time her campaign activities have not been very well thought through. From the Northern Echo:

Countdown presenter said Jewish song at miners’ gala was “as tasteful as showing Black Panther at a Klan rally.”

The miners responded:

“Dear RachelRileyRR, Your damaging comments regarding one of our community brass bands have caused great hurt to good people. Hava Negila has been played at the DurhamGala by many bands over many years.

“We invite you to Durham to meet and learn from the men, women and children who play in brass bands, celebrating their own culture alongside music from around the world. Your invitation’s in the post.”

Now today Ms Riley tweeted this:

I met with @Twitter yesterday with @imi_ahmed from @CCDHate and asked them among other things to review George Galloway & Katie Hopkins's presence on their platform.

I am pleased to see that action appears to have been taken!

This is what happens when they have the #WillToAct pic.twitter.com/yy92irqeNp

— Rachel Riley (@RachelRileyRR) January 30, 2020

I am no fan of George Galloway, but I am not aware that he has incited violence against anyone. As for Katie Hopkins, she did say something a bit provocative in the wake of the Manchester Arena bombing, but her words did not amount to inciting violence in this incident in my humble opinion. From Breitbart (funnily enough):

Katie Hopkins to Leave LBC Following ‘Final Solution’ Tweet

As it came in the wake of the horrific Islamic terrorist attack in Manchester Arena (one of many perpetrated in the UK now), it has also to be said that this was a mitigating circumstance for Katie’s comment. 22 people, (10 of them under 20), died in the attack and a further 250 were injured, of the injured 79 were children. Should this atrocity, and the other recent atrocities carried out in the name of Islam, not be the focus of our outrage, rather than an emotive comment written in the heat of the moment in reaction to it? From the Manchester Evening News:

The 22 people who died in the Manchester Arena bombing

A further outrage of course is the fact that imams in mosques up and down the country have been ACTUALLY inciting violence for years and nothing is ever done about it, as was revealed in the Undercover Mosque documentary produced by Channel 4 in 2007. No doubt Rachel will not be campaigning to have these imams arrested any time soon however.

I tried to respond to Rachel’s tweet pointing out that there is much antisemitism in the Islamic texts, but, due to the fact that my account is subject to a permanent form of censorship known as “reply deboosting”, very few people get to see my replies. I can at least post them here instead however:

Rachel, are you aware of the things that the Islamic texts say about Jews? Will you be calling for all the Muslims to be banned from Twitter?

"Is the Quran Hate Propaganda?"https://t.co/woL7Hp80aw

— Chauncey Tinker (@ChaunceyTinker) January 30, 2020

The link includes such choice quotations from the Islamic texts:

Verse 5:60 even says that Allah transformed Jews of the past into apes and pigs. This is echoed by verses 7:166 and 2:65.

A hadith (Bukhari 54:524) says that Muhammad believed rats to be “mutated Jews” (also confirmed by Sahih Muslim 7135 and 7136).

Surely this is more than just a little bit hateful Rachel? From the Religion of Peace:

Is the Quran Hate Propaganda?

I pointed out that Louis Farrakhan’s twitter account is still active:

Especially when the organization continues to allow the likes of Louis Farrakhan a platform:https://t.co/Opfqc0Flxg#RachelRiley

— Chauncey Tinker (@ChaunceyTinker) January 30, 2020

WND has been accused of propagating “fake news”, but even Snopes admitted that the story mentioned was true:

The Wrath of Farrakhan

For what it’s worth, the Southern Poverty Law Centre also accuses Farrakhan of anti-semitism. Are you going to try and get Farrakhan banned from Twitter Rachel?

Finally I invited Rachel to explain exactly what Katie Hopkins did that deserves a ban:

I don't think Rachel knows what she's objecting to. Perhaps she'd care to explain it.

— Chauncey Tinker (@ChaunceyTinker) January 30, 2020

Those who support the “woke” mob are truly dumb, that they suppress such comments as these. As George Washington once said:

“the freedom of Speech may be taken away—and, dumb & silent we may be led, like sheep, to the Slaughter.”

The joke is on you Rachel, unfortunately it’s not a very funny one.


From WND:

Will Farrakhan be arrested for call to kill whites?

Her Wikipedia page, not all of it is necessarily true:

Rachel Riley

She hit the news in a libel case a little while ago. From the Times of Israel:

Judge examines Rachel Riley libel claim

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