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The Other Crisis - Invaders At The Borders Of Europe

by Chauncey Tinker – 18 Mar 2020

I have been reluctant to use the term “invaders” during the years since the migrant crisis began. This reluctance was not out of any squeamishness on my part but simply because I think language matters, and I did not see how most of the migrants could accurately be described as “invaders” when:

Now that Greece in particular is actively trying to stop the latest wave of migrants from Turkey however, and now that the migrants are consequently becoming increasingly violent in their attempts to enter Greece, finally I think the term “invaders” is becoming the most accurate term to use. This week a disturbing video clip was widely shared on social media where a young migrant male appeared to be issuing a death threat to Europeans:

"i want you dead" by a weaponized indoctrinated "poor refugee" … yeah let him in , what could go wrong ?#Greece_under_attac?#IStandWithGreece#TurkishPropaganda#GreeceDefendsEurope#Evros #StandWithGreece pic.twitter.com/od7R0B6f2R

— giannis kalyvas (@giannis_kalyvas) March 13, 2020

He makes a throat slitting gesture in the clip, and he also makes a gun sign to emphasize his point, in case we hadn’t already got the message.

In recent weeks we have not only seen video of migrants throwing rocks and even in at least one instance using a slingshot against the Greek border guards (a lethal weapon) (video footage of this in the tweet link):

The thousands of migrants bussed by Turkey to the Greek border continue to attack Greek Border Guards &firefighters by throwing rocks (Gaza-style) &shooting tear gas cannisters and fireworks at them

It's time for Western Europe to pick sides#GreeceUnderAttack#IstandWithGreece pic.twitter.com/G4Ehv0MZ0p

— BasedPoland (@BasedPoland) March 7, 2020

We have also seen Turkish police firing tear gas at the Greek border guards, clearly in an effort to distract them while migrant youths were trying to pull down the fence with ropes (video clip in this tweet):

Migrant crowds try to tear down the Greek border fence while being covered by the Turkish border guards who shot tear gas cannisters at the Greek border guards#GreeceUnderAttack#IstandWithGreece pic.twitter.com/WD9IoQ6Ynj

— BasedPoland (@BasedPoland) March 9, 2020

The clear involvement of the Turkish Government should add weight to the characterization of the evolving situation as nothing less than an attempted invasion. The rhetoric coming from Turkish politicians should be seen for what it is, a declaration of war (as it surely would have been in saner times in the past).


Their countries of origin are in general not places where wars are ongoing, it’s abundantly obvious to any objective observer that the migrants (in the main) are not refugees in any sensible definition of the term. It is also clear that most of the migrants coming from Afghanistan and Pakistan (the two largest groups) are Muslims, and significant numbers among them may very well have the intention to commit terrorist atrocities on European soil. From Breitbart:

Greek Government: Only Four Per Cent of ‘Refugees’ Breaching Border Are Syrian

A disturbing factor in the crisis (for Westerners at least, others outside Europe are not so concerned it would appear) is the use of children as propaganda weapons to provoke the West into compassionate responses:

Migrants at the #GreekBorder using their children as battering rams against the Riot Police!

If they use their own kids as weapons they certainly won't care for yours!

When will people understand these people have completely different morals and values to us!#IStandWithGreece pic.twitter.com/5SoJK0CHzS

— (@SpookyGhost32) March 17, 2020

This is a difficult problem, I’ll come back to this in my conclusion.


The dangers from mass migration should be obvious to anybody at the time of a widespread and lethal pandemic. The migrants are living in squalid conditions and congregating in large groups as they attempt to breach Europe’s borders. From the Daily Mail:

Coronavirus spreads to Greek island of Lesbos – just ten miles from where 27,000 migrants live in squalor in refugee camp

From Breitbart:

10 Coronavirus Cases Confirmed by U.N. Among Refugee Arrivals in Germany

Even now the UK Government is still providing a ferry service to migrants who wish to cross the channel from France (a safe country) to the UK!!! From the Daily Mail just yesterday:

Border Force officers test 25 migrants for coronavirus after they were intercepted crossing the English Channel today

Our governments in Western Europe have had no hesitation in restricting the movements of their own people as the coronavirus crisis has been unfolding, yet they are still reluctant to stop migrants entering the country!


In what possible sense are these people crossing the channel from France the responsibility of the UK Government?? The European Union let them in, let the European Union deal with the problem!! We are exposing our border guards and our own population to further risk from the coronavirus!!

Thanks in no small part to the use of propagandized images of the handful of women and children, and not least the deliberate avoidance of showing images of migrants acting violently, the Western media have played a despicable role in downplaying the seriousness of the crisis. We should call these techniques the media use “lying by omission“.

The fact that there are a small number of children among the migrants should make no difference to Europe’s resolve to stop the invasion. Those concerned about the children should remember that children always die in every conflict, and many more children will be endangered (including the children of Europeans) if Europe does not stop this tsunami of humanity in its tracks. If Europe doesn’t get a grip and defend its borders soon it will become completely impossible to defend our borders from subsequent waves of migration, it is hard enough now. If we fail the consequences are going to be far greater than the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. We must get a grip now, right now.

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