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Arrest Warrant Issued For Professor Dolores Cahill

by Chauncey Tinker – 26 Aug 2021

Dolores Cahill appearing on Computing Forever (link at the end of this article)

Irish academic Dr Dolores Cahill (a professor at the University College Dublin School of Medicine) has risen to prominence since 2020 as a lockdown sceptic, and she has also been campaigning against mask mandates. A UK warrant has apparently been issued for her arrest for participation in an anti-lockdown rally, this has been reported in the Irish media. From the Irish Examiner (18th August):

Even the self-appointed "fact-check" sites grudgingly have had to admit that until she became a "heretic" regarding the COVID-19 response, Dr Cahill was a well respected academic who was on a "high-profile EU scientific committee" (she was sacked from the committee apparently due to her stance on the COVID-19 response):

Excuse me, if she is a quack then how is it possible that she had a career to lose? Quote:

The world of science doesn’t tolerate heretics and heresy and Dolores Cahill has discovered in the last few months, that the doors to the hallowed halls of academia have been slammed firmly closed in her face, hopefully permanently.

We have been watching in dismay as the entire medical profession has turned from a science based profession into a quasi-religious order where science is regarded as "settled", where debate is no longer tolerated, and the brazen language used here reflects that regressive shift very well. Note that the above link is to a site medika.life that is quite a new site, but articles from the site somehow manage to appear near the top of web searches on issues related to the COVID-19 response.

Dr Cahill is a member of the Eurosceptic political party called the "Irish Freedom Party", described as "a minor right-wing hard Eurosceptic" party by Wikipedia:

She apparently resigned as chairperson of the party recently, there is a claim here at the Irish Independent that she was asked to resign partly as a result of her outspoken views on the negative effects of masks on children's health:

Apparently she was accused of telling the crowd at a rally that children's face masks:

"would deprive them of oxygen and reduce their IQ"

The debate around such questions will continue, but the most important question regarding her arrest is not whether all of her concerns about the COVID-19 response are well-founded or not, but rather whether dissenting voices should be allowed to protest against government measures and speak freely in a public place on such issues. UK citizens should also be alarmed by the fact that during the lockdown periods some protests have been tolerated whereas other protests have not, yet more evidence that equality before the law is a principle that the powers that be hold in contempt in the UK today.

This video interview with Computing Forever helped to bring Dr Cahill's views to a wider public in the lockdown sceptic movement over a year ago. In the interview she describes her career in medical research (the link is to the bitchute website, not long afterwards the video was banned from Youtube):

Note – Please note that we are dependent on the veracity of news reports provided by other news sources.

What do you think? Should we be free to protest against the lockdowns? Please leave a comment below.

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