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NHS Doctor Turned Whistleblower

by Chauncey Tinker – 17 Aug 2021

General Practitioner Dr Sam White published a video that went viral (it's only 8 minutes long):

He had been a doctor with the NHS for 17 years.

On 26th June of this year, after that video had gone viral, the NHS wrote to Dr Sam White to inform him that he was suspended. His solicitor wrote this letter to the NHS Chief Executive Officer to challenge the suspension:


‘Please treat this letter as a public interest disclosure or whistle blow in that it raises allegations of alleged criminal conduct and breach of legal obligations by those leading the Covid response.’

Dr White's complaints include concern about the potential risks of the vaccines (particularly for children), concern about the way alternative cheap treatments have been ignored in favour of the vaccines, outrage at the misinformation campaign that has been waged against the general public, and questions about the PCR testing methodology. In summary he has described the COVID-19 response as fraud.

The Conservative Woman published a summary of some of the key points from the (23 page) letter on 29 July:

Whistleblowers are supposed to be protected in this day and age, yet Dr White has been treated with far more severity even than Dr Harold Shipman, as pointed out in the above article:

Incidentally, coming back to Dr Harold Shipman, who murdered more than 250 patients, he was not suspended without pay. Shipman, who was arrested in 1998, kept his c£70,000 salary from West Pennine health authority even after he was convicted and jailed for killing 15 patients. ...

In contrast, the NHS has now decided, on appeal, that Dr White can receive 90 per cent of one month’s earnings from his locum work until after the GMC decide his fate.

A page about this legal campaign at the pjhlaw website:


We have 4 objectives:

To have the vaccine passport declared unlawful.
To halt the vaccine rollout to allow a thorough review of all potential serious adverse events.
To lift my suspension.
If the Police do not take any action, to start private criminal proceedings against those identified as responsible for potentially criminal activity.

Dr White's own website:

What do you think? Should Dr Sam be re-instated? Please leave a comment below.

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