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Afghanistan And The Politics Of Distraction

by Chauncey Tinker – 4 Sep 2021

A faraway land.

Right now the media is full of stories about the withdrawal from Afghanistan. As far as I understand it that intervention is now well and truly over, Afghanistan is returning to a state of medieval barbarism and now there is very little public support for continuing such interventions in any case. The fallout of the interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya is continuing in Europe however as migrants continue to try and get into our nations. Breitbart reports that migrants are being herded in Belarus at gunpoint towards the border with Poland:

In Western Europe the governments are still hellbent on allowing mass immigration to continue. Acts of Islamic terrorism will more than likely continue as more migrants arrive from Islamic countries, but our leaders do not care, in fact they welcome such acts as they help to create a climate where citizens accept further curbs on their liberties in the name of security. In short it is too late to save Afghans from the Taliban (if that was ever really an objective anyway), our minds ought to be focused on saving the West from itself.

In my opinion there is little point in trying to persuade people that Biden, rather than Trump, is to blame for the bungled withdrawal, because for most people Afghanistan is a very long way away and they will very soon have forgotten about that intervention. Immediately after 9/11 many in the US were understandably angry, but that atrocity happened 20 years ago, before the youth of today were born.

The pressing crisis in the West right now is in the fact that our liberties are being stolen from us in broad daylight by corrupt governments in the name of a phoney health crisis. In the UK PM Johnson is hellbent on introducing "vaccine passports", a modern day equivalent of the yellow star that will be used to herd and coerce more people into getting jabbed. I have little doubt that if he succeeds in getting the first version accepted (which will be used in nightclubs and other public gatherings), then the scope will creep into other areas as well such as public transport and maybe even supermarkets (that last idea has already been previously suggested in the media). Imagine, you don't have to get "jabbed" if you don't want to, but you won't be able to eat! From Breitbart:

Increasingly calls are being made for mandatory vaccinations for workers in health, care of the elderly, and schools. If we don't oppose this the scope will also inevitably creep into other areas such as shops, and workplaces more generally.

A nightmarish vision of citizens being forcibly strapped down in chairs and jabbed against their will may seem unlikely today, but if we continue to allow all dissenting voices to be elbowed out of the public discourse then public opinion may eventually be swayed sufficiently by the corrupt media for such a policy to become a reality. It is worth remembering that people are forcibly jabbed in such a way under mental health legislation as it is. The media are waging a relentless campaign which others those supposedly irrational ones who dont want to be jabbed, it would only be a short step from calling people "conspiracy theorists" to suggesting that they were mentally ill. A cardiologist in Switzerland was recently arrested under mental health legislation after he voiced concerns about the vaccinations (listen to this interview if you want to get an idea how utterly sane he is in reality):

In the UK there has been a ruling yesterday from the JCVI against the plan to jab all children. From the BBC:

The decision however has really only been passed on to the UK's four chief medical officers, and the report left some wriggle room for the govt. to go ahead anyway for non-medical reasons, and unfortunately it sounds as if the govt. will go ahead. Still, we critics of government policy may have just won a small victory here, and many parents will be wondering what on earth is going on if the govt. does press ahead regardless. We may be in the minority but our voices are being heard and we can still yet turn the tide against the insanity.

Unlike events in Afghanistan, the "health" policies our governments are trying to introduce will impact ordinary people very directly, and probably permanently unless the tide of public opinion can be turned against this. In my opinion therefore if we want to save the West it is absolutely critical that we expose the lies of the media, academics and politicians for what they are, that we expose the "pandemic" for what it is - a hoax. I fear this may be the last opportunity we have to stop the rot, before the West is plunged into tyranny or chaos. We have to expose the media for what it is, in part directly but also in part by throwing our support behind all the legal challenges that are going on.

In short I humbly suggest that we should turn our attention away from events in Afghanistan, bad though they are, and focus instead on the rapidly advancing tyrannical legislation that is being introduced in our own countries. We will never be able to rely on our governments to act honorably in foreign policy in any case as long as we allow the public to be so grossly misled, because until they are better informed the public will continue to vote for corrupt politicians.

To quote Benjamin Franklin yet again:

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

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