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Mass Delusion About COVID-19 Death Numbers

by Chauncey Tinker – 17 Sep 2021

An entirely false impression has been created in the minds of most people of the true scale of excess deaths in 2020 and 2021. At the end of July 2020 there was a storm of controversy around an opinion poll that appeared to show the scale of the delusion in the UK at that point in time. (Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any more recent polls on this subject, so this may be the best indicator we have so far of public perceptions.)

Most of the people responding to this poll in late July 2020 apparently thought that 1% or more of the population had already died, that would mean that at least 650,000 had died of COVID-19, a figure close to the original wildly inaccurate predictions that Neil Ferguson from Imperial College made that helped to spark the panic in the first place. A significant percentage of those polled, somewhere around 40%, even thought that the death toll was over 5% of the population, that would have been over 3.25 million deaths in the UK alone.

The official figure of excess deaths was far lower than these perceived numbers, around 43,000 deaths in England and Wales were attributed to COVID-19 at that point in time (approx 0.07% of the population), i.e. the perception in the minds of most of those polled was over 10 times the official number, and for 40% the perception was over 75 times the official number. (Notice that I say the official number rather than the true number, there are reasons to be sceptical even that the official number is accurate).

How on earth did the UK public come to be so wildly misinformed about the true scale of the excess deaths that occurred in 2020/21? Partly the delusion was of course originally created by the publicization of the wildly inaccurate predictions made by Neil Ferguson, but the media subsequently played a huge role in maintaining the delusion. The fact that a large proportion of the public is still under this delusion over a year and a half later is evidenced by the fact that large numbers of people are continuing to wear face masks in public places (even in the middle of summer), long after the official mandate for wearing them ended. This is also in spite of the fact that the overall all causes UK death rate during the summer has returned to the historically low levels seen before 2020, a fact almost never mentioned in the mainstream media.

One aspect of the way data has been presented by official sources from the start has been the comparison of the recent death numbers with the 5 year average. This is how the ONS has been presenting the data for years, so it was initially understandable that media reports should reflect this comparison. However it beggars belief that over a year and a half later across the entire mainstream media there have been virtually no comparisons made with the death rates over a longer period. For the benefit of those still unaware, I share again the graph of data from the ONS that shows that the age adjusted death rate was higher than 2020 as recently as 2008 (and higher in every previous year before 2008 as well):

The BBC in particular was posting emotive daily news reports in 2020 of individual cases of young people who it was claimed had died of COVID-19, this helped to create the impression that young people were at great risk, but the truth is that young people are very unlikely to die as a result of being infected with SARS-COV-2. In one of these BBC articles it stated that the deceased had "no underlying health conditions", but on reading several paragraphs into the article I was astonished to see an admission that she was an asthma sufferer, which is not only an underlying health condition but one that put her directly at increased risk from respiratory infections in general. Since many readers don't get past the headline or the first paragraph of an article it can be expected that many had gained a false impression from the article.

An identical trick of presentation is seen in a recent widely publicized case in August 2021. From the Guardian:

Quote (again notice how far down the article you have to read to reach this sentence, after much emphasis about how fit and healthy he was):

However, McCann said her brother had asthma in an earlier tweet on 3 July.

Note also the way the media used the case to promote acceptance of the jabs.

The truth about the average age of those dying was admitted by the ONS in this response to a Freedom of Information request (FOI):

The above page states that the mean age of those who had died up to 2nd October 2020 either "of" or "with" COVID-19 was 80 years and the median age was 83. So the delusion was not just created in the minds of the public about the scale of the death toll, but also about the comparative risks for younger people. This aspect of the delusion was also reflected in the opinion poll, which showed that most respondents across all age groups were either moderately (around 40%) or very worried (around 40%) about the possible risk to their own health.

Into 2021 the delusion is being maintained in part by the accumulation of the total official death count over a period of more than one year - a statistical trick, death counts are normally presented as annual figures. In September 2021 the BBC claims that:

There have been more than seven million confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK and nearly 134,000 people have died, government figures show.

That is an accumulated figure over nearly 2 years now, and presumably as we go forward they will keep on adding to this figure. Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a shocking news report about the total death count from influenza deaths since say 1950? That would really produce an enormous number, and it would be wildly misleading considering the fact that most of those people really died of old age. If we divide the 134,000 deaths COVID-19 figure into annual figures, we get an official death total of 72,178 for 2020 and obviously 2021 is not over yet, the ONS page for the 2020 data is here:

A link to the BBC article is here (make sure you have your scepticals on when you read BBC articles):

Also notice the lack of any attempt to provide context, for example there is no comparison with the total number of people who normally die every year in the UK, e.g. in 2012 a fairly average year there were 569,024 deaths (of these 115,808 deaths were from lung disease including pneumonia), and the focus on the shocking (now multi-year) total number of "COVID-19" deaths rather than the overall annual death RATE, which was only a little higher in 2020 than even the recent 5 year average. In fact the age adjusted death rate in 2020 was BELOW the thirty year average, as can clearly be seen from the above graph (see the red line). How many members of the public are aware of THAT statistic?

Another factor fuelling the mass delusion is simply the relentlessness of daily communication of "information" about the current "COVID-19" situation in the media, even when people don't really take in what they are being told this must be creating an impression in their minds that the situation is serious. Signs have appeared all over the place urging people to wear masks, in shops, on public transport, and most of these signs have remained visible during the summer months and after the mask mandates were lifted, further contributing to the illusion of a major ongoing health crisis. Electronic message boards by roadsides have been used to this end as well.

As I mentioned in the last post, even at the very peak of the spike in 2020 only approximately 1 in 5000 people were dying per week above the normal rate, and most of these were very old people in any case (as explained above). The spike only lasted a few weeks even then. Is such a statistically small event really enough to overwhelm our wonderful National Health Service, especially considering that the NHS coped when even the crude overall death rate was higher (compared to 2020) back before the year 2000? Quite a few NHS whistleblowers have now come forward saying that the NHS was not in fact overwhelmed even at the height of the spike. I really doubt that without all this relentless communication that most people would have even noticed that anything unusual was happening. Perhaps at most people might have been commenting that "there's a bug going round" as they used to do in the not so distant past.

If the poll was even remotely indicative of the public's perception of the scale of the danger, then how can the public sensibly be expected to give their "informed consent" about the risks vs rewards of the mass injection program? Of course the question of "informed consent" becomes even more debatable when we consider the woeful lack of reporting in the mainstream media on the debate around potential harms of the jabs, and the fact that they have not been fully tested, and the fact that there is growing doubt about the effectiveness, etc..

I have tried to point the truth about the relative scale of excess deaths in 2020/21 out to people who weren't aware of it, but I am generally met with disbelief among the deluded, and often they will start clutching around for straws to maintain the delusion. There is no doubt a psychological tendency among people in general to not want to admit they have been deluded, so a mass delusion tends to take on a momentum of its own, reinforced greatly by the fact that the majority of people have been deluded together, the herd effect. Something perhaps to emphasize to those we are trying to convince is that there is no shame in having been deluded considering the way that the false impression has been propagated by practically all mainstream media outlets, and by academics, and of course by the government, all acting almost in unison.

I know many of the points I make above have been made by others before, but the mass delusion has had a very damaging effect on people's ability to think clearly, and so we must share the truth over and over again until we get through to people. What I have tried to do here is summarize the data in a succinct way that hopefully will convince more people that they have been misled. Please share a link to this article elsewhere if you think it helps to describe the truth about the events of 2020/21.

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I have deliberately focused on the overall death rate here, but another major aspect of the media manipulation has of course been the focusing on COVID-19 test positive cases. Norman Fenton is a mathematician who is Professor of Risk Information Management at Queen Mary University of London, he spoke to Dan Astin-Gregory in this interview on the subject of test case data and how it was used to justify the lockdowns:

An article from spiked-online in September 2020 refers to a study by Oxford University’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine:

The full data set from the opinion poll mentioned above:

A so-called "fact-checking" website tried to debunk claims about the above study but inadvertantly publicized the findings that were as stated above:

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