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Fact Checking The Fact Checkers - Event 201

by Chauncey Tinker – 6 Dec 2021

I hadn't meant to do another fact check of the "fact-checkers" so soon after the last one, but Stewart over at the Daily Sceptic mentioned Event 201 in the comment section, and I started searching for more information. I hadn't heard of this event before so probably some of my readers haven't either, so I will start with some indisputable facts about it.

The "Center for Health Security" (CHS) partnered with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to host the event on October 18, 2019. According to their website the CHS:

... advance policies and practice addressing a range of challenges, including the global rise in emerging infectious diseases, a continued risk of pandemic flu, major natural disasters, and the potential for biological accidents or intentional threats. Interdisciplinary and international collaborations with other experts and policymakers improve and inform our work.

Here is a link to a page about the event at the CHS website:


The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.

According to the Lancet, the earliest case of COVID-19 occurred on December 1, 2019, just about six weeks after this "pandemic exercise":


The symptom onset date of the first patient identified was Dec 1, 2019.

Just let that sink in, there was a pandemic exercise involving the most influential and powerful people in the world just six weeks before the supposed pandemic began. Event 201 wasn't just a general pandemic exercise either, it was specifically a coronavirus pandemic exercise.

Concerns were raised about the timing of the exercise quite early on. In May 2020 The Herald India reported that Bill Gates was trying to deny that Event 201 even happened (this article is well worth reading in full):


On April 12, 2020, Bill Gates said in an interview to the BBC, “Now here we are. We didn’t simulate this, we didn’t practice, so both the health policies and economic policies, we find ourselves in uncharted territory.”

There is footage here of Bill Gates making this statement as well (just a 1 minute 30 seconds clip):

The above article from the Herald India draws our attention to videos of the event made by the organizers. There are quite a number of videos from the event all still available on Youtube, here is their summary video:

Representatives of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, China's Centre for Disease Control, and Avril Haines the current US Director of National Intelligence, among many others, speak in the video. A presenter on a fake news channel called GNN (that looks suspiciously like a sort of global version of CNN) reports that worldwide travel restrictions are being introduced, with "profound economic consequences". A prediction follows:

The pandemic is causing a growing global financial crisis.

Another GNN presenter appears (@8:20), talking about how governments are using different methods to:

manage the overwhelming amounts of dis- and mis-information circulating over the internet. In some cases, limited internet shutdowns are being implemented to quell panic.

A Matthew Harrington, who is the Global President at Edelman says that (@8:53):

We are at a moment where the social media platforms have to step forward and recognize the moment to assert that they are a technology plaform and not a broadcaster is over. They in fact have to be a participant in broadcasting accurate information and partnering with the scientific and health communities to counterweight if not flood the zone of accurate information because, to try to put the genie back in the bottle of the misinformation and disinformation is nigh impossible.

Note that he doesn't say "over for the duration of the pandemic", he just says "over", full stop. At their website Edelman describe themselves:

Edelman is a global communications firm that partners with businesses and organizations to evolve, promote and protect their brands and reputations.

We have to wonder I think exactly what qualifies somebody from such an organization to dictate to social media platforms how they should run their businesses, and to encourage social media platforms to suppress the public's concerns during the supposed pandemic.

There is also a call for:

"enforcement actions against fake news"

I haven't yet had time to watch all the videos but I will be doing so over the next week or two, because I rather suspect that a lot more of what was discussed during the event, specifically those health policies and economic policies that Gates mentioned, has already come to pass, and we may get a clearer idea of what is further planned for the near future, such as possibly "limited internet shutdowns" perhaps, from watching these videos in full.

In March 2020, USA Today attempted to "fact-check" away suspicions that people understandably had that the whole pandemic was in fact a PLANdemic:

Unfortunately statements in this "fact-check" just made the whole thing look even more suspicious. One point they make is that similar events have been held previously:

The Center for Health Security has hosted three pandemic simulations prior to Event 201, going back to a 2001 simulation known as Dark Winter.

However the fact that previous simulations occurred doesn't really make this event look any less suspicious, if anything it just suggests that the preparations for the draconian actions of governments since 2020 have been in the planning stage for a long time. The use of the phrase "Dark Winter" in that first simulation indicates a deliberate campaign of fear-mongering as well. What's more, Bill Gates's claim that "we didn’t simulate this, we didn’t practice" looks all the more ridiculous in the light of these repeated simulations.

Another quote:

Event 201 was a tabletop exercise that simulated a global pandemic, which resulted from a new coronavirus.

So again, not only were they preparing for a pandemic, they were preparing specifically for a CORONAVIRUS pandemic. Nonetheless, USA Today conclude their "fact-check" by ruling that the pandemic exercise did not predict the events of 2020 onwards.

Those who haven't read my previous articles may still have noticed that I have avoided using language that indicates that I agree that there even was a pandemic in 2020 at all. I have frequently referred to the fact that according to the UK's Office of National Statistics, the age adjusted death rate in 2020 was no higher than it was in 2008, and it was lower than every year prior to that, and only slightly higher even than more recent years. Numerous doubts have been cast over the reliability of the various testing methods, and so all things considered I take the COVID-19 case and death numbers with a pinch of salt. Consequently I have tended to refer informally to the supposed pandemic as a scamdemic.

Coronaviruses have been around since the year dot, as Dr Wolfgang Wodarg has repeatedly pointed out, and as he has also pointed out there is nothing particularly remarkable about new mutations appearing, and yet since 2020, all day every day the mainstream media have been bombarding the public with fear-inducing stories about "new variants" (referred to as scariants by sceptics) and high case numbers etc.. The rollout of mass injections has done nothing to stem the flood of fear-mongering news reports, despite endlessly repeated claims that the injections are working.

Because I am generally sceptical about the seriousness of the pandemic I have also tended not to take much notice of the claims that the "novel" virus originated in a lab, and that it was leaked from that lab possibly deliberately as a bio-weapon. However, also according to the Herald India, during one of the videos:

the head of the Chinese Centre for Disease Control muses about ways to counter rumours that the virus is man-made.

Now this is very interesting indeed, because remember that this Event 201 took place before the supposed pandemic even began, so it seems extremely odd that this Chinese official was concerned that such rumours might be circulating in the future, well before the idea had actually occurred to anybody at all. It seems all the more interesting of course when you consider that the virus is believed to have originated in China, and there has been much speculation that it was leaked from a lab in Wuhan. From the New York Post:

Also from the New York Post:

Gain of function research is designed to make a virus more dangerous. All in all I will be taking more interest in the lab leak theory from now on. Although it is still absolutely clear to me that the dangers from COVID-19 have been vastly exaggerated, it is still nonetheless possible I suppose that there could have been a deliberate intention to make a virus just slightly more dangerous, just enough perhaps to trigger a global panic assisted by a relentless media propaganda campaign.


Everywhere we look in the mainstream media, in the so-called "fact-check" websites, in academia, in supposedly independent NGOs, not to mention the WHO, and in government policy decisions, we see the fingerprints of just a handful of extremely wealthy and influential individuals. I increasingly suspect that if even just some of these individuals were successfully brought to justice then the whole house of cards of corruption that is this NWO might soon start to come crashing down.

The mainstream "fact-checkers" usually conclude with a true or false verdict, these verdicts are obviously intended to settle the matter in question, so that anybody who subsequently tries to bring the subject up again in the future can be dismissed as a conspiracy theorist. In the real world truth can be a little bit more elusive than that of course. My verdict on the Event 201 is that it looks very highly suspicious indeed that the supposed pandemic was in fact planned in advance. We need to insist that congressional and senate hearings are held to get to the truth of the matter of what influence this "Event 201" really has had on everything that has happened since early 2020.

Please link to this article far and wide, we need to get the truth about this out to as many people as possible.


Another so-called "fact-checking" website Full Fact also tried to dismiss concerns about the timing of Event 201:

An article about the funding of that website:

According to the above article other donors include Mark Zuckerberg's business, and the website's own Funding page confirms this:

According to the above page they are also a registered charity.

Robert Kennedy Jr. has been trying to draw people's attention to Event 201 and much else besides. Here is a review (from TCW Defending Freedom) of his recent book which I certainly intend to read, apparently there is a lot of verifiable information about inter-connected corruption in government, academia and the pharmaceutical industry:

Here he is in a 5 minute interview on Fox News as well:

Here is an alternative link to the Event 201 highlights video in case it gets taken down (12 mins long):


In the previous post I also fact-checked another fact-check, this was regarding the World Economic Forum's video that made 8 predictions for 2030:

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