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COVID-19 And The Push For Totalitarian Control Through Central Bank Digital Currency

by Chauncey Tinker – 17 Jan 2022

Image of The Federal Reserve By AgnosticPreachersKid - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

BlackRock, Inc. is a multinational investment management corporation which has its headquarters in New York City. This corporation has truly staggering financial clout, with assets under management worth trillions of US dollars, and it is apparently the world’s largest asset manager. Here is a clip of the chairman and CEO of BlackRock, Larry Fink, explaining what he thinks of democracy:


Markets like totalitarian governments where you have understanding of what's out there ...
Democracies are very messy, as we know in the United States ...

Agustín Carstens is the general manager of the Bank of International Settlements. Carstens has a problem with cash as a form of payment, and he wants to see the introduction of an alternative called Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC):


We don't know for example who is using a 100 dollar bill today, we don't know who is using a 1000 peso bill today. A key difference with CBDC is that central banks will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of central bank liability, and also we will have the technology to enforce that.

Obviously by "that expression of central bank liability" what he means is the payment you are making. Please ask yourself at this point whether you would be happy for central banks to not only know about every single purchase you ever make, but also to have complete control over whether you are allowed to make that purchase or not?

I learned about these two astonishing statements from a video made by one John Titus who has a channel on Youtube called BestEvidence. Here is the video in full (it's 55 minutes long and gets a bit technical on the subject of finance):

He goes into a bit of detail about how BlackRock was involved with the Federal Reserve in a massive wealth grab at exactly the time that the pandemic supposedly began in early 2020, including (he says) financial stimulus that caused a surge in share price values, and the purchase by BlackRock of houses across the US. He even says that BlackRock were allowed to select some of their own stocks for purchases that pushed up the share value. The plan, called Going Direct, had been presented by BlackRock in August 2019. The plan called for an unprecedented Fed response to a coming crisis, just a few months before the first case of COVID-19 symptoms was reported. The "Going Direct" plan is probably going to lead to inflation for ordinary consumers, because this time the Fed's financial stimulus is direct.

At this point I also want to remind my readers of the subject I covered in my last series of posts, which was the subject of the planning exercise called Event 201 which was held in October 2019, just six weeks before the first case of symptom onset of COVID-19 was reported. This planning exercise was a simulation looking at how governments and big corporations might respond in the event specifically of a coronavirus pandemic. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum together sponsored the event. Incidentally, in recent years Bill Gates has been rapidly buying up farm land and he is now, according to this article from the Daily Telegraph published in April 2021, America's biggest farmer:

In other words, Bill Gates has also been involved in a major asset grab.

It just does seem very suspiciously coincidental that BlackRock presented a crisis plan for the Fed to follow, and the coronavirus pandemic planning exercise Event 201 was held, just before the big "pandemic" crisis began in 2020.

Governments all over the world are simultaneously planning to implement CBDCs, although they are at different stages. You can follow the progress at this website:

In the UK in April 2021, the government appointed a taskforce:

The Chinese government are ahead, they already have a trial ongoing. From Gatestone Institute:

My astute readers will probably have noticed that there seems to be a missing logical step in connecting this Going Direct plan, and Event 201, to the introduction of CBDCs. The theory being advanced by some commentators is that the powers that be have been trying to engineer a financial crisis that could pave the way for CBDCs. For example a result of the lockdowns in particular was to force small/medium sized businesses towards bankruptcy, and consequently towards dependency on government handouts. In the UK indeed we saw many small businesses receiving govt. payouts to compensate them for having to shut during the lockdowns, a process referred to as the "furlough scheme". Jab mandates for workers are also forcing individual employees out of their jobs, we have already seen care home workers losing their jobs in the UK and unjabbed NHS staff (numbering up to 100k individuals) may soon face the axe as well (if the government has its way). It doesn't really matter what method they use, their goal according to this theory is to force people into financial difficulties so that governments can eventually present the "solution" in the form of Universal Basic Income (UBI), which will be delivered through a single digital bank account.

Also according to the theory, the powers that be are secretly planning to continue to engineer crises until they think that the ordinary citizens of the world are ready to accept CBDC. The World Economic Forum has right on cue recently published a report that once again makes grim predictions about possible crises that could hit the world in 2022. From Breitbart:

Recently, some in the mainstream media have been making the connection between CBDC and UBI. For example see this article from the Guardian (June 2021):


The Bank of England’s consultation on public digital cash could represent the biggest shift in the monetary system for 200 years, says Josh Ryan-Collins of University College London
Relatedly, during severe economic downturns central banks could directly credit households’ CBDC accounts with new money rather than relying on banks and financial markets passing on the new money created by central banks through quantitative easing (QE) programmes to the real economy. QE has been criticised for pumping up asset prices and contributing to widening inequality. A CBDC could also considerably reduce the costs of implementing a universal basic income-type policy.

So through this academic's rose-tinted spectacles we could see CBDCs as a route to a fairer society! (Somebody forgot to send the memo to the likes of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Larry Fink, and Agustín Carstens unfortunately).


Huge wealth grabs have been going on while the majority of people have been preoccupied with the relentless bombardment of fear-mongering media articles about COVID-19. Since the beginning of 2020 we have seen governments introduce increasingly authoritarian measures to control their populations, with lockdowns, jab and mask mandates, and jab passports. None of these measures have made sense from a medical perspective, and those that questioned the effectiveness of the measures, or the safety of the treatments, have been vilified. Previous wisdom on how to manage pandemics has also gone out of the window. The evidence ever more points to the conclusion that the measures have cost many more lives than they saved, leading to the further conclusion that the true intentions behind these measures were never about our health.

Simultaneously, the push for Central Bank Digital Currencies is underway, and it looks as if before long we will see these currencies emerging all around the world. These currencies will allow our every purchase to be known by our governments, and they will be able to block any individual purchases if they don't want us to be able to make them. If commentators like John Titus are correct, then ordinary citizens will be lured into the trap of accepting this totalitarian control with the promise of Universal Basic Income, and many will no doubt be only too happy to accept free money from the government. After all, if the powers that be do indeed go ahead and engineer further crises in the coming months and years, then many more ordinary people will be struggling to make ends meet by the time these currencies are introduced. My own conclusion is that this theory is all too plausible, and I think that unless more people begin to resist such unjustifiable government actions as we have seen since early 2020, we will find ourselves ever more living under totalitarian control.

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Event 201 was held in October 2019, six weeks before the first case of symptom onset of COVID-19. This post looks at the video discussion from the event on the subject of how to suppress dissent in the event of a coronavirus pandemic:

The World Economic Forum has made its designs on your private property all too clear:


From Brookings:

From Barrons, October 2021:

Another critical video on the Going Direct plan, from the SD Bullion Youtube channel:

According to the above video, BlackRock is now 6 times the size it was before the 2008 financial crisis. The video repeats several of the points made by John Titus about the Going Direct plan. It includes a clip with an interview with Guggenheim Global Chief Investment Officer Scott Minerd, who says:

Corporate America is going to become addicted to the Fed providing support

Ernst Wolff is another commentator making very similar arguments about the real objectives of the plandemic:

He is arguing that the current financial system is broken, with interest rates already at zero etc. He is also arguing that the threat of China getting ahead in the race to a CBDC is a serious threat to the current supremacy of the US dollar, a concern also expressed in this article from Politico (January 2021):


Bitcoin is a relatively private form of payment in that it allows for pseudonymous transactions. By contrast, some fear that the digital yuan will make it that much easier for the government to monitor citizen transactions.
China has been quietly planning to take the digital yuan global ...

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