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The Pandemic Of Stupidity

by Chauncey Tinker – 30 Jun 2022

Thanks to whoever created this funny meme, I picked it up in the comments section elsewhere

Another health crisis is unfolding before our eyes, a pandemic of stupidity. From the Daily Mail:

He says:

'100 per cent of our presenters have got it. That means there must be a lot of it about.

But but ... you're all fully jabbed (2 jabs) plus extra booster-jabbed are you not right (double-plus one full vaccinated) and so you are not vulnerable surely? I mean, you TV presenters are the people who have been telling everyone they must get jabbed!!! We mustn't joke about it though because Jeremy is obviously really ill, he had to make his report from his bed! He's got a sore throat and aches and pains, and he says in years gone by he would have had to go to work regardless but that:

"that's not possible now".

What terrible times we are living in, we have to stay in bed and not go to work ... It would have been so much worse though if he hadn't been jabbed. Read this astonishing account also from the Mail (via MSN):


It began, oddly enough, with a painful shoulder – a deep muscular ache right in the spot where I’d been vaccinated. That might have been easy to dismiss. But then came agonising muscle pains in my legs that kept me awake, intense bouts of shivering and a yo-yoing fever.

So just let me get this straight, you "finally" got COVID after you were jabbed, and the problems started around the injection site? Yes that is odd, so you got COVID and it started in the injection site (I'm already speechless and doing a double-take, is there something we're not seeing here) ... but she goes on:

Except, at this stage in the pandemic, after one of the most successful vaccine rollouts in history, the question is whether I should have had any symptoms at all.

Yes that is a question we should be asking ourselves at this point I think. I'm guessing this case won't have been reported to the Yellow Card Reporting system as a possible jab injury? I'm also wondering how many other similar cases are not being reported to that system? To me this almost reads like an account from a person in a hostage situation, where they are desperately trying to tell the truth about their situation without their kidnappers noticing. Mind you, I suppose that's the situation many journalists find themselves in nowadays.

Fauci also no doubt (of course) must be fully double plus jabbed by now, but that didn't stop him catching COVID, so apparently they put him on a course of a new Pfizer wonder-drug that really does combat COVID (sorry I mean ALSO combats COVID). That seemed to be going well until it wasn't, on the fourth day after his treatment course he had a "very rare" reaction, full story from Breitbart:

Fancy that. What are the chances of the world's most prominent health official getting a very rare reaction like that I wonder? Is there something we're missing here, something we're not seeing?

There are endless stories just like this one all over the media as well, here are just a couple more. From Somerset Live:

Did you get that? He said "really sick", not just sick. At least he had the jabs though, because otherwise it could have been really bad (I mean even more really bad obviously). From the Mirror:

From Yahoo News:

Look there's nothing for it, we're going to have to lock down again, sorry (except for the politicians because they have a special natural immunity even though natural immunity isn't really a thing). Don't worry though, a revolutionary new vaccine is in the pipeline, plus more drugs, and the trials show they work really well.... (for the pharmaceutical industry's profit margins).

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