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Tony Blair - A Patriot Prepared To Lie For His Country

by British Awakening, 27 Feb 2017

It has been just over a week now since Tony Blair made his Oscar winning speech at an Open Britain event on the 17th of February, calling on the country to rise up and block Brexit. The speech itself held no surprises for me although I had not realised my contempt for the man had much further to go. My disdain for the man aside I have had a few days to reflect on what is happening here.

The elite media – the BBC in particular gave Mr Blair an unchallenged platform for the entire day, not a single journalist managed to ask a single question as to why he has the right to undermine democracy in this country. Given the way the BBC and the rest of the elite media operate this was fairly predictable but what is disturbing is that few journalists seem to understand this is why millions of ordinary people like me no longer trust them.

Tony Blair referred to patriotism in his speech:

How hideously, in this debate, is the mantle of patriotism abused. We do not argue for Britain in Europe because we are citizens of nowhere.

Subsequently I have noticed a worrying shift in the mood music from the elite media. Remain seem to be very keen to introduce the term patriotic as an adjective for what they seek to achieve. Now throughout the campaign I deliberately avoided playing the patriotism card, I felt that if we went down that route very shortly the term traitor would come up. For the sake of brevity I believe in my country and my people and see no need for them to be ruled by a foreign unelected power, I would argue that means I could be described as a patriot. Remain really should have a deep and meaningful think about this narrative, giving away sovereignty and our taxes to foreign agents takes a huge leap of mental gymnastics to be described as patriotism. Is the end game to portray Brexiteers as traitors? For real? Good luck with that one.

My deeper concern is the steady drumbeat that is starting to portray pensioners as the new hate figures in the gallery of deplorables for the elite media and the Remain campaign. This is nasty stuff and needs to be stamped out before it gains traction. It has all the hallmarks of the poison peddled by Alistair Campbell and Peter Mandelson (Tony Blair’s chums). How this one works is to sow a seed in the minds of the young and so called Liberals that it is bigoted old people that took us out of the EU. Well a couple of points here, these bigoted people resisted both fascism and then communism to keep our country free. As for the young, well about 30% of young people wanted to leave the EU. The difference being these 30% of young people bothered to vote. Last of all, blindingly obvious that it is, we all become pensioners one day, so let’s not go there eh?

Returning to Mr Blair’s speech, the unchallenged narrative being pushed is that people are allowed to change their mind and there should be a second vote. This is of course disingenuous. For those of us that decided years ago that the EU was corrupt and anti democratic we were never given a vote on the EU constitution – dressed up as the Lisbon treaty, this despite being promised a referendum by all three main parties. So we sat there, denied our voice because for many of us that hold more left of centre views voting for UKIP was not really an option.

Yet finally a mainstream party – the Conservatives, offered us a real choice, a meaningful vote, an in out referendum. So I held my nose, I voted Tory solely as a vehicle to secure the more meaningful vote. Somehow I doubt I was alone in this and it may well explain the Conservative victory in the General election (I guess Labour being pants also helped).

Now I introduce this point for a reason, you see Brexit can be overturned, of course it can, but it should be done so democratically. So for all of you demanding a second referendum I would say this, vote for a party that promises to hold a referendum on re-joining the EU in the next general election. Get a mandate for what you seek instead of what you are doing at the moment which is to subvert democracy and my rights as a taxpayer and citizen to have my voice heard for a change.

If you are unwilling to do this can you at least stop calling yourself Liberal or Progressive? You see there are other terms that better describe you.

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