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Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 27 April

Brexit legal challenge, Huawei leak, Brexit Party candidates for EU elections announced, Tommy Robinson standing, Change UK Islamophobia accusations, Roger Scruton fightback, social media censorship, US Attorney General claims controversy, and many other stories.

by The Participator, 28 Apr 2019

Extinction Rebellion And The Climate Con

Extinction Rebellion is a political movement committed to non-violent protest against climate breakdown and biodiversity loss. Lacking credible leadership they put Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish student with Asperger's in front of the cameras. Smart move, who is going to give a rough interview to a 16-year-old with Asperger's eh?

by British Awakening, 26 Apr 2019

The Limits Of Freedom Of Speech

Western governments are increasingly limiting what their citizens are allowed to say. In order to oppose this trend effectively I believe we must first set out clearly where we think the limits should be. In this series I have set out where I think the red lines should be drawn.

by Chauncey Tinker, 24 Apr 2019

Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 20 April

Brexit news, Brexit Party news, Con Party news, various agendas, Yellow Vest news, Jackanory with Theresa May, and other stories.

by The Participator, 21 Apr 2019

UK Citizens Need Protection From Selective Enforcement Of The Law

Why should anyone respect the law when it is not enforced in an even-handed way? The UK's justice system is being increasingly corrupted by the unequal application of the law.

by Chauncey Tinker, 17 Apr 2019

Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 13 April

Brexit can kicked down the road, the hounding of Roger Scruton, the Orwellian war on fake news, jihad news - Shamima Begum back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, migrant crisis news, crime wave news, and other stories.

by The Participator, 14 Apr 2019

Incitement - A New Legal Framework

My definition divides incitement into two main categories, DIRECT and INDIRECT. I propose that only direct incitement should ever be criminalized, and even then only when it is deemed as "CREDIBLE" according to a credibility test that I set out in this post.

by Chauncey Tinker, 11 Apr 2019

Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 6 April

Brexit news - X DAYS TO GO?, Other EU news, Local elections looming, LGBTQI VS ISLAM the battle in Birmingham continues, Migrant crisis, and other stories

by The Participator, 7 Apr 2019

The Rotten Parliament - Time For Deselections

The despair amongst my fellow Brexiteers is palpable as is the growing concern amongst remainers that believe in democracy. So what if I told you this was actually a good week? Finally now you can see them, Brexit has flushed them out into the open.

by British Awakening, 5 Apr 2019

Incitement and Current Law

The aim here is to look at the current laws around incitement in the US and the UK to see where I disagree with current limits on freedom of speech.

by Chauncey Tinker, 3 Apr 2019

Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 30 March

Brexit News - X Days to go, protest footage, EU passes Copyright Directive, BBC Fake News, Spotlight On - Jeffrey Epstein, Mueller report - no collusion, and other stories

by The Participator, 31 Mar 2019

Westminster - The Mother Of All Shams

In June 2016, in the biggest ever democratic event seen in the UK, almost 34 million people voted in a referendum to decide our future in the European Union.

by British Awakening, 29 Mar 2019

Amending the First Amendment

The obvious problem with the concept of the freedom of religion, firstly from a purely theoretical point of view, is that the practicing of a religion could threaten the rights, and even the lives, of others.

by Chauncey Tinker, 27 Mar 2019

Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 23 March

Brexit News - X DAYS TO GO?? Brexit Direct Action group traffic protest, Migrant crisis news, Transgender Agenda, Yellow Vest news, NZ attack aftermath - Jordan Peterson book banned, massacres in Nigeria under-reported, and other stories.

by The Participator, 24 Mar 2019

Limits Of Freedom Of Speech - Harassment

In this article (the first of a series on the limits of freedom of speech) I look closely at the question of harassment. I look at some examples both at the borderlines (i.e. where it is debatable whether there should be any restriction at all) and also at extreme cases where most people would probably feel that 'something must be done'.

by Chauncey Tinker, 20 Mar 2019

Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 16 March

Brexit News - 12 DAYS TO GO!, Brexit march, Yellow Vest news, Jihad news, patriotic policeman sacked, reactions to terror in NZ, migrant crisis news, Jail Trudeau campaign, Pres. Trump uses veto for wall funding, and other stories.

by The Participator, 17 Mar 2019

The Doorstepping Dispute

This is about the latest demonisation of Tommy Robinson (I am not going to use his AKA as this is a trick certain members of society like to do to exercise their moral authority over him).

by Ms Mol, 13 Mar 2019

Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 9 March

Brexit news - 19 DAYS TO GO, Tommy Robinson to face another court hearing, Yellow Vest news, Culture clash - ISLAM VS LGBT, Transgender Agenda, migrant crisis, crime wave, and many other stories.

by The Participator, 10 Mar 2019

Leaving A Little To Chance

Since June 2016 I have learned many things about the EU that have only served to greatly strengthen my desire for the UK to leave. Today, as the date of our departure is less than 4 weeks away, I wanted to recap through some of these things to remind us why it is so very important that we should leave the EU.

by Chauncey Tinker, 6 Mar 2019

Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 2 March

Brexit news - 26 DAYS TO GO, Brexit march planned, Labour party scandals, Migrant crisis, Tommy Robinson Facebook ban, UK crime wave, EU becomes even less democratic, Yellow Vest news, and other stories.

by The Participator, 3 Mar 2019

A Cuckoo Occupies Our Democracy

Some thoughts about how the EUrophiles still manage to dominate our parliament in spite of the fact that Leave won the referendum.

by British Awakening, 2 Mar 2019