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We often come across very good arguments on particular topics. Here we thought we would put together a more static area of the site where we could gather these arguments together. We will update this area as we find such arguments.

Please leave a comment in the appropriate link for the subject if you have a good argument to share with us (remember arguments should be as simple as they can be but no simpler):


Equality Before The Law

Equality Before The Law

UK Citizens Need Protection From Selective Enforcement Of The Law

The Freedom of Speech

(How free should it be, exactly?)

Limits Of Freedom Of Speech – Harassment

(Note this next post is really just an argument against any suggestion that religions should be given special protection under the law):

Amending the First Amendment

Incitement and Current Law

Incitement – A New Legal Framework

The Limits Of Freedom Of Speech (Summing up)

The Death Penalty

Arguments For The Death Penalty

Arguments Against The Death Penalty

The Welfare State

Arguments Against The Welfare State

The Welfare State We’re In


Towards A Moral Consensus


Was Jesus Against The Death Penalty?

Other Subjects

Please feel free to leave a comment here if you have any good arguments on subjects not listed above:

Other Subjects