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Featured Writers

(in alphabetical order by surname where applicable)

British Awakening

A blogger who writes mainly on the subjects of Brexit and UK politics generally.

Website: British Awakening

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Jillian Becker

A writer and journalist with a long and distinguished career.

Website: The Atheist Conservative

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Seymour Clare

A concerned citizen who has contributed to this site on the subjects of establishment propaganda and religion.


A blogger whose main interest is Islam.

Website: ECAW's blog

Andrew Elliott

A writer who has contributed articles on the subjects of mainstream media bias and twentieth century US politics.

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Samuel Hooper

A political journalist who is a great voice on the freedom of speech, today's student politics among many other subjects. Sam has appeared on the BBC's Daily Politics programme.

Website: Semi-Partisan Politics

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Jon MC

A writer who has written elsewhere on the subject of Islam:

Faith Freedom: Jon MC at Faith Freedom

Islam Watch: Jon MC at Islam Watch

Chauncey Tinker

A blogger who began blogging on political and social issues including religion late in 2015.

Website: Chauncey Tinker's Blog