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Any contribution you make to this site, however small, however occasional, will be much appreciated.

If you have an idea for an article, or if you've actually written something that you would like us to feature, please post details/a link to the article below in the Comments section. Remember you can set up a wordpress account for free, and publish your content at the URL they provide for you:


Of course there are other similar options as well if you don't like wordpress. Remember - you don't have to necessarily "become a blogger" to do this, you can just set up a blog and post things on there occasionally that you want to share with us.

Here is some guidance for writers:

How To Write A Good Article

Current topics we are looking for contributors to cover:

Brexit parliamentary debates (available on parliament tv) here: UK Parliament TV

Legal cases where injustices have taken place, such as people being treated unequally before the law. We are particularly interested in cases involving freedom of speech issues. Remember though - it is illegal to discuss ongoing court cases as this may be prejudicial to the trial.

Any other subject you feel we would be interested in.